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Information on the use of Calendly

EM Normandie provides you with the "Calendly" tool in order to facilitate appointments between applicants to the programmes and EM Normandie staff.

The School does not transmit any of your personal data to Calendly. This is a voluntary step on the part of each user, who is free to use this application or not. EM Normandie does not impose its use, which is an alternative to telephone calls and emails.

Calendly is a company whose applications and servers are based in the United States. In this respect, we invite you to read the terms of use and privacy policy. As transfers of personal data from the EU to the USA are now covered by the European Union's standard contractual clauses (see Calendly DPA), it is essential that users are informed in a transparent manner and that the use of this tool is subject to their decision.

If you have any question(s)

  • about this application, please contact support@calendly.com.
  • relating to the protection of personal data, please contact Délégué à la Protection des Données - 20 Quai Frissard 76600 Le Havre, FRANCE / dpo@em-normandie.fr
Amandine Delattre


Admission officer

Middle East and North Africa