Journées Georges Doriot

From 05 to 07 July 2023

The 9th Georges Doriot Days

Faculty and Research

5th to 7th july 2023

    Organised by EM Normandie, the HEC Paris Group and ESG-UQAM, the 9th edition of the Georges Doriot Days will now take place on 5th to 7th July 2023. The conference will be held in person on the Montreal campus of ESG UQAM.

    Theme 2022/2023 :
    "Gender perspectives in entrepreneurship :
    Sharing views about societal challenges"


    The objective of this event is to adopt a gender perspective in entrepreneurship could suggest an exclusive positioning in the women's entrepreneurship field. It is true that this field has largely mobilized gender concepts and theories. However, it has also led to restrict the use of gender lenses to the study of female entrepreneurs’ realities (Foss et al. 2014; Marlow & Martinez Dy, 2018; Nelson & Constantinidis, 2017). Yet, mobilizing a gender perspective has the potential to open multiple original research avenues in the entrepreneurship field. Indeed, it can lead to revise traditional assumptions, to problematize usual research objects differently, to refine the understanding of complex phenomena, to consider results from new theoretical angles, and to open up new questions related to contemporary societal issues and transformations (Calas et al. 2009; Marlow & Martinez Dy, 2018). The concept of gender is different from biological sex. It can be defined as a socially constructed sex, and mainly refers to social constructions that shape differences between men and women in a given society, in terms of roles, status, skills and expected behaviors. These gendered social constructions can vary depending on time, locations, cultures, and social groups..

    The workshops for the 2020 edition

    1. How do entrepreneurs (de)construct social practices and structures? Discourses, identities and sociomateriality
    2. Space(s) and entrepreneurship
    3. Gender in the digital era
    4. Gender and agricultural entrepreneurship
    5. Risks, opportunities and financing of women’s entrepreneurship
    6. Gender dynamics in the family business : what evolutions, what realities, and what outcomes
    7. Intersecting perspectives on women’s entrepreneurship in arts and culture : contributions, challenges and support practices
    8. Free communications

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fadil nazik


Professor in finance

Le Havre

9th Georges Doriot Days

9th Georges Doriot Days - Call for papers 2023