Does EM Normandie have accommodation on its campuses?

A platform to help you find your accommodation

EM Normandie does not have its own student residences, but offers you its dedicated platform, created in collaboration with Studapart, available in French, English, Spanish and Mandarin.

From the rental file to the booking of the accommodation, all the steps are carried out on the platform. Choice of city, type of accommodation (studio, shared flat, room in a private home, private student residence...), budget, duration of occupation, accommodation capacity... Studapart is there to simplify your arrival!

Note that Studapart can even act as a guarantor for the entire duration of your rental if you do not have a guarantor living in France (in the same way as Visale).

Accommodation per campus


Accommodation in Caen

Le Havre

Accommodation in Le Havre


Accommodation in Paris


Accommodation in Dubai


Accommodation in Dublin


Accommodation in Oxford