How do you find accommodation if there is none on your campus?

The Studapart platform

To get started, go to the Studapart platform, then click on “Search for ...” and register with your login details provided by the School (otherwise use the activation code HOUSINGEMN).

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Please note that booking fees may apply when using Studapart (179 € for a booking with a private owner in the provinces and 300 € in Paris).

CROUS accommodation

Of course, there is also CROUS accommodation for our national campuses, for which you can apply via the website, estate agencies, Foyers de Jeunes Travailleurs, Le Bon Coin...

Facebook support groups

You will also find our Facebook support groups for each campus:

Accommodation per campus


Accommodation in Caen

Le Havre

Accommodation in Le Havre


Accommodation in Paris


Accommodation in Dubai


Accommodation in Dublin


For accommodation in Oxford, specific support is provided on-site. You can contact our bilingual team for any information on the areas, customs, feedback at, specifying your NAME, First Name and telephone number (response guaranteed within 24 hours).

Accommodation in Oxford

Additional information

If you have any doubts about an accommodation/owner, our team is also at your disposal to provide you with the necessary assistance.

You will find all the practical information concerning accommodation in your SmartEcole space and in the Handbook that is given at the start of the School year.