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23 November 2020

EM Normandie Business School is Happy at School® accredited


EM Normandie Business School has recently won Happy at School® accreditation. Based solely on student feedback, this accreditation recognises a quality student experience and has a direct impact on the school’s reputation. 

Introduced by ChoosemyCompany, a company specialising in gathering, analysing and publishing certified reviews, the accreditation is awarded solely on the basis of the opinions of the students. It measures student satisfaction at higher education institutions through a questionnaire that focuses on 5 areas: the quality of facilities and respect for the environment, quality of teaching, student life, the strength of relationships with businesses and outlook for the future. 


The involvement and enthusiasm of students resulted in EM Normandie Business School meeting the 3 essential criteria to win the accreditation (participation rate, recommendation rate and satisfaction average). It will draw even more students to the school and symbolises a well-deserved prize for each and every member of staff at the school, who work so hard every day to give students high-quality services and enable them to live the EM Normandie Business School experience to the full.


The following points in particular set EM Normandie Business School apart from other organisations: approximately 8 out of 10 students are fully satisfied with the facilities and equipment provided and student life, and 75% are satisfied with the teaching provision at the school.




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