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14 September 2021

New worlds to explore: 1st axis of the School's new strategy

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EM Normandie has unveiled its major strategic orientations for 2030, including the exploration of new territories. The School intends to intensify its international development by extending its existing campuses and creating three new campuses by 2025.

Territorial development with 5 international campuses

By 2025, EM Normandie will have a total of 3 national campuses and 5 international campuses on the European, Asian and American continents.

Growth of the Oxford and Dublin campuses

The current Oxford and Dublin campuses are set to grow. A 500m2 expansion is planned in Oxford during 2021-2022. The Dublin campus is expected to move to larger premises for the start of the academic year 2022.

Both sites are currently undergoing accreditation processes with local government departments to be fully recognised as higher education institutions in the UK and Ireland.

Three new campuses planned in Asia and America

It is in the DNA of EM Normandie to set up where the world moves, in port cities, near rivers, where exchanges are the most intense.

EM Normandie has therefore announced the opening of new campuses:

  • in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in 2022,
  • in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam in 2023, 
  • and in America by 2025.

By gradually moving to new continents, EM Normandie is pursuing its ambition to become an international Grande École, in contact with the most diverse realities, by betting on an increasingly rich student experience.

Dubai campus to open in September 2022

Dubai is undoubtedly a hub of innovation, particularly in technology, but also a booming higher education and a highly attractive destination for students.

Located in the Knowledge Park, close to Palm Jumeirah and many renowned international universities (Middlesex University, University of Wollongong...), this new international campus will cover an area of 14,000 m² and should welcome 150 to 200 students in 2022-2023 before reaching 600 in 2025.

This new expatriation destination offered to the School's students will also attract students from the GCC countries and internationals from South Asia. At the same time, EM Normandie is developing its presence, its value proposition and its influence in the United Arab Emirates.

The campus will offer a Bachelor in Management, a MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management and a MSc Marketing Strategy and Business Development. Other programmes (BBA and MSc) will be developed according to local demand.

Opening of the Ho Chi Minh City campus in 2023

Since 2015, EM Normandie has been training Vietnamese political executives and offering its Bachelor International Management in partnership with the University of Transport and Communications (UTC) in Hanoi.

The Ho Chi Minh City campus, also developed with the UTC, will provide continuous training in logistics and supply chain as well as training for Vietnamese CP executives (mixed modalities - theoretical courses at HCM and field visits in France) but also a graduate training programme and a BBA International Business.

The new campus will be open to expatriate students from EM Normandie as well as to locally and regionally recruited students. The degrees awarded on these campuses are in the process of being accredited by local authorities.

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The creation of the International Advisory Board

Openness to the world is part of the DNA of EM Normandie, which has been constantly increasing its international influence for 150 years. 

This openness is reflected in the fact that the School is welcoming over 1,000 international students for this new academic year, and in the possibility of following all or part of the curriculum in English and of going on one or more expatriations to the Oxford and Dublin campuses and/or to the 200 partner universities with which the School maintains close links. The campuses are true cosmopolitan meeting places where cultures and nationalities mix to live the EM Normandie experience together.

With its EQUIS and AACSB accreditations, the School now enjoys worldwide recognition and visibility, an undeniable competitive advantage that it is seeking to develop in order to perpetuate this status and fuel its ambitions.

In order to open up its horizons and work on the future, EM Normandie has created the International Advisory Board (IAB), a new body bringing together personalities from the academic and professional worlds and graduates. Each member has extensive experience and expertise in international development, and their mission is to make recommendations on the School's internationalisation strategy and the actions to be taken to develop its attractiveness and influence on the international scene.

The subjects discussed concern the creation and evolution of programmes, the development of campuses, and the partnerships and collaborations to be put in place in line with the 2030 strategic orientations. The first meeting of the IAB took place on 30 August 2021 on the Le Havre campus.