• Become an expert in your field

    • MS MSc Logistics

      Logistics and Supply Chain

      By choosing one of the Supply Chain specialisations, become an expert in managing the entire operation from flow management, delivery, storage and transactions to procurement. Aim for a position as Operations Director: lead your teams, develop a strategic plan to ensure the company's growth, manage your budgets and participate in the launch of new products with the marketing department.

    • MS, MSc Commerce et Marketing

      Business and Marketing

      Become an expert in one of the specialisations offered in business and marketing, and take over key positions in sales management, in France or internationally. Learn how to develop a marketing strategy, deploy it on different channels, negotiate with your business partners, manage your brand and become a sales manager or product manager. In an international environment, study intercultural management, commercial and interpersonal negotiation and international trade to become an import/export manager or brand manager.

    • MSc Intelligence Artificielle

      Artificial Intelligence

      Master the power of artificial intelligence applied to marketing and play a major role in business performance. Through data science, learn how to use AI to process information, analyse it effectively and make the right decisions. Develop both technical and strategic knowledge and build on it during a study period in Dublin, the home of artificial intelligence. Take advantage of many professional opportunities in this field! Become a data analyst, data scientist, business intelligence consultant or marketing strategist.

    • MSc Luxury

      Luxury management

      Become a leading expert on the luxury sector, its standards and the characteristics that make it such a special market. From fashion to perfume, from luxury hotels to haute gastronomy, give yourself a 360° view of this fast-growing sector. The emphasis on digital technology, the mastery of marketing techniques and the continuous professional immersion will make you successful and attractive professionals on the job market. Develop an understanding of the culture of this high-end industry and its professions and open the doors to the world's major luxury capitals.

  • Fond remise des Diplômes 2024

    The Alumni Network

    Benefit from the power of the alumni network, through meetings between students and graduates to strengthen the sense of belonging, events and actions aimed at animating the whole community and federating its members.

    • Icone international rouge


      A community in over 100 countries

    • Réseau


      Keep a strong link with the 26,000 members

    • Echanges


      Take advantage of the opportunities available to you

  • Business and Marketing

  • What is a Master of Science® or a post-master degree (MS®)?

    • Recognised degrees preparing specialists in their field

      The Master of Science® degree prepares students for senior positions in companies with a scope that is resolutely oriented towards international markets. Therefore, it differs from the post-master degree (MS®) by its strong international dimension and its courses taught 100% in English. It provides a 5-year higher education degree. Created in 2002 by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE), Master of Science® programmes are available to students holding a 3 to 4-year degree in initial or continuing education. 

      The post-master degree (MS®) degree was initiated in 1983 by the CGE to promote the training of high-level specialists. Taught in French, it provides a 6-year higher education degree. Accessible to students holding a 4 to 5-year degree, this postgraduate education is intended for young graduates wishing to specialise and develop a double skill or for professionals wishing to deepen a specific expertise / skill or develop their managerial skills.

      These professional studies train specialists in their field, prepare them for business and management in a fast-changing environment. These courses combine a comprehensive curriculum and multiple professional projects in collaboration with companies. Work-experience plays an important role in those programmes: internships, missions, challenges, Serious Games, etc. High-level coursework are taught by professors and experts in their field, which guarantees the acquisition of cutting-edge knowledge, essential for holding high positions.


      All the Masters of Science® and post-master degree (MS®) offered at EM Normandie are accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE), which is responsible for controlling and guaranteeing the quality of the accredited courses.

    • Professionalisation is at the heart of pedagogy

      With their training seminarsin-company assignments and competitions, the Master of Science® and post-master degree (MS®) are professional training courses for professional excellence!

      The seminars, mainly led by professionals recognised in their fields of expertise, allow you to deepen the knowledge covered in the course by participating actively in group discussions on specific subjects. In-company missions allow you to apply the issues addressed during the seminars in a professional context. In order to ensure continuity in the lecturing, the missions and challenges carried out in conjunction with partner companies are co-supervised by professionals and professor-researchers from EM Normandie.

      A 4-to-6 month internship ends each postgraduate degree, which offers you a smooth and efficient transition to the professional world, a springboard to develop your talents, continue to refine your professional project and develop your managerial skills. Using technical skills, developing a strategy and implementing an action plan are all practices that will reveal your potential in the professional world! 


      Mobilise your knowledge, develop skills in the field and enrich your career path with work-study training (available under specific conditions for international students). Apply the knowledge acquired during your training by working with professionals in your sector and develop your know-how! Get ready to manage teams, sharpen your analytical skills, coordinate projects and take on managerial functions as soon as you complete your course. Thanks to the work-study programme, benefit from the status of an employee (remuneration, full or partial payment of your tuition fees by the company) and from the support of the EM Normandie Career Path team throughout the whole programme. Find a job before the end of your studies !

    • A preponderant international outlook

      With 100% English-language programmes, courses focusing on international skills and negotiations, and corporate projects and challenges focused on intercultural communication and marketing, prepare yourself to excel in an international environment where diverse cultures come together. Successful intercultural negotiations are achieved by adapting your behaviour to the culture of your interlocutor, by preparing your negotiation well and by expressing your ideas in an appropriate way.

      The MSc "MSc International Marketing and Business Development", ranked second in the TOP 5 Eduniversal Masters in Intercultural Management in 2024, has been specifically designed to enable you to develop your career internationally and prepare you to communicate with partners from diverse backgrounds in a multicultural environment.

      Professional study stays as well as internships in international companies offer you the opportunity to improve your foreign language skills, to discover other cultures - in particular company life in those countries - and to develop your international network.

  • Why follow a Master of Science® or a post-master degree (MS®)?

    • Become a true expert in the fields that you are passionate about

      Stand out from other candidates on the job market thanks to a double or even triple skill in your preferred field. Your broad spectrum of operational knowledge, your global vision of the business environment in your sector and the professional experience you have acquired during your studies will open the door to senior management positions.

      Access numerous career opportunities in your sector thanks to varied and cutting-edge courses. Here are a few examples:

      Specialist in event organisation: become an event project manager, event communication manager or media relations manager with the MSc International Events Management.

      Expert in Finance and FinTech: become a management consultant, strategic analyst or business web developer with the MSc Banking, Finance and FinTech.

      Professionals who integrate a continuing education course, develop a specific skill in your field and get yourself noticed! Become « the » expert of reference within your organisation, set up new actions, mobilise your teams and participate in the development of your company.

      During your training, take advantage of the many opportunities for professional experience offered by EM Normandie thanks to its network of more than 5,000 partner companies around the world, and develop your expertise in the fields that are close to your heart.

      Aim for a top-level international career

      Start your career with brio by quickly gaining access to strategic corporate positions such as Business Development Manager, Recruitment Manager or Strategic Analyst. Your technical expertise combined with a detailed understanding of the mechanisms governing your field of activity are all assets that are particularly prized by companies. The course programmes specially developed to meet the needs of companies will enable you to make the difference with recruiters.

      With the MS Supply Chain, Logistique et Innovations, learn to master the tools and practical know-how essential to start your career as an Operations Manager, MCS Project Manager or Public Procurement Manager.

      With the MSc International Marketing and Business Development, learn to adapt the marketing offer to the different world markets and become an international trade specialist in your sector.

      The professional experience and know-how acquired throughout your studies will make you a candidate coveted by recruiters! Your employability at the end of the course will be immediate thanks to the skills developed during in-company internships, projects, missions, challenges and study trips.
      Professionals, move towards managerial functions by taking charge of structuring projects within your company, develop your skills and manage teams. Become a manager capable of mastering the latest generation of tools, of rising to new heights thanks to a global vision and in-depth knowledge of your field of expertise. Define a strategy to be implemented, draw up your budgets, broaden your scope of action and fulfil yourself.

      For your professional reconversion, specialise in a new field or complete your initial training with an MSc® or post-master degree (MS®) in order to deepen your knowledge and become an informed expert in a sector that is close to your heart. Choose a specialty that motivates you, build on your experience and propel your career to new heights!

      Around two thirds of Master of Science and post-master degree (MS) graduates at EM Normandie even get a job before the end of their course!

      Expand your professional network

      Develop your professional network during your course through company missions, internships, study trips or visits to companies and seize the career opportunities that these encounters offer you.

      Benefit from the strength of your School's network throughout your career, set up partnerships between companies, share your know-how with other experts and recruit new talent.

      Access more than 70,000 internship and work-study opportunities reserved for EM Normandie students, meet professionals around the world and develop your valuable professional network throughout your career.

  • What is the difference between a Business School's Master of Science® and a university Master's degree?

    • These two courses share the same final objective: preparing students for management and supervisory functions. However, there are notable differences, particularly in the programmes and teaching methods used, the student experience offered, the network of graduates and the connection with the business world.

      Specific programmes developed by each School

      The freedom of Graduate Business Schools in the organisation of classes and in the choice of subjects taught guarantees programmes of excellence in line with the requirements of the job market. The national and international recognition of the programmes through their rankings, accreditations and labels are a guarantee of the quality of this lecturing.

      Cutting-edge teaching tools

      Business Schools’ student experience is strongly distinguished by the pedagogical methods used and the means implemented for the deployment of state-of-the-art digital tools.

      At EM Normandie, participatory course formats, immersive experiences and an emphasis on digitalisation through the use of the latest educational technologies serve an innovative and interactive pedagogy.

      An individualised support service 

      The individualised support throughout your professional, international and academic career is also a special feature of Business Schools. Your professional integration is clearly the aim of your study programme. The integration rates of students at the end of their courses attest to their level of employability and the attractiveness of their profiles. 

      With the Career Path, a reflective support system specific to EM Normandie, become aware of your talents, the values that motivate you and your skills development at each stage of your career to lead a daring career as a responsible and committed manager in society.

      Professionalisation along the way

      The schools' strong connections with the business world and the emphasis on work-experience throughout your course prepare you for high positions and boost your attractiveness from the moment you leave the course.

      Put your knowledge into practice through numerous projects and assignments carried out with partner companies. Sharpen your strategic vision during tutored projects, develop your technical and managerial skills during professional assignments and prepare yourself to become a true expert.

      At EM Normandie, benefit from rich and varied professional experience throughout your career. Consulting projects, professional missions, bootcamps, seminars, surveys, study trips, internships... are all opportunities for you to become more professional and prepare for your new functions.

      A strong international outlook

      Another distinctive feature is the strong international outreach through courses in foreign languages, lecturers of different nationalities, multiculturalism-oriented programmes and partnerships with companies around the world.

      In the Master of Science courses, the 100% English language courses, the strong multicultural dimension and the international exposure through internships, seminars and study trips provide the ideal conditions for starting an international career.

  • Accredited programmes

    Accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, EM Normandie's Specialised Masters® and Masters of Science® (MSc) are authorised to award a Post Master's (Bac+6) and Master's (Bac+5) level degree. This label is a recognition of the quality of EM Normandie's training, its pedagogy and its teaching staff and guarantees that students have the necessary skills to enter the job market successfully.

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    • MSc CGE
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