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12 February 2020

Cook & Cycle: riding around the world with Coline Dournes

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On 28 January 2020, Coline Dournes shared her Cook & Cycle adventure during a "Grand Rendez-Vous" on the EM Normandie Le Havre Campus. Here are a few figures to sum up her ride round the world: 25 countries, 24,300 km and 796 days on the road.

25 countries, 24,300 km and 796 days on the road

Spurred by a dream she had when she was young, Coline decided to go around the world on a bike. What a project for this EM Normandie alumna, as a travel, biking and environment fan!  


As she graduated from EM Normandie in 2011, her studies had given her the tools for preparing such a trip: proficiency in English, management and organisation skills. The Alumni Network supported her crowdfunding drive, publicised her project and relayed her news items. 

Coline left on 5 March 2017. She started from South America with Jonathan (7 months) to cycle up 7 countries, from Argentina to Columbia. She then went on alone through Southeast Asia, Central Asia and the Caucasus. 

Throughout her trip, Coline had an idea: to get everyone she met to discover a truly French recipe: crêpes. Prompted by her sense of sharing, she cycled across the various countries in the world while showing around her various recipes of crêpes. 

From those encounters, Coline collected many anecdotes and crêpes recipes that she now shares in her book. 

The ‘intelligences’ in the world

Inspired by a book by Christophe Bourgois-Costantini, "You are ten times smarter than you think!", Coline took stock of her 'intelligences' before she left and found she had 4.5. After 26 months on the road and many encounters, Coline’s 10 intelligences have indeed emerged. 

To learn more about 'intelligences' across the world, (re)discover Coline’s testimony in full:



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