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28 September 2020

EM Normandie once again in the QS and Financial Times rankings for the best Master’s in Management courses worldwide.


Once more, EM Normandie Business School’s Master's in Management (Programme Grande École) has ranked amongst the top Master’s in Management programmes worldwide and has come out in 83rd place in the QS Top 100 and 80th place in the Financial Times Top 90.

EM NORMANDIE: Ranked 13th amongst French business schools in the QS Top 100

Although only 23 French Business Schools feature in the global rankings for the best Master’s in Management programmes, EM Normandie has secured 83rd place out of 148 establishments, and 13th place amongst the French schools.

QS’ criteria is based on graduate employability, graduate career progression and the return on investment of training, the school’s academic reputation (research and teaching) and diversity amongst students and teaching staff in terms of gender and nationalities represented.

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EM Normandie secures its place in the Financial Times rankings

The FT’s rankings of the Masters in Management for 2020 has just been revealed, and once again, this year, EM Normandie’s Master’s in Management features amongst the top 90 courses, in 80th place.

With increased competition between the schools, this edition sees 11 new establishments enter and 21 leave the prestigious rankings, including 5 French schools. EM Normandie has secured 28th place for “International course experience”.

The rankings are based on a questionnaire sent to Master’s in Management graduates 3 years after graduation that assesses their professional circumstances (salaries, mobility, career development, return on investment, etc.). There is also a survey that looks at the diversity of the school in terms of teaching staff, management and students (gender balance and percentage of internationals). The FT also looks at the qualifications of teaching staff (percentage of doctors) and how much international exposure students receive during their course (opportunities to study and work abroad).

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