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19 February 2020

EM Normandie signed the Volontariat Territorial en Entreprise Charter (VTE)

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EM Normandie has partnered with VTE France by signing their Registration Charter for the Volontariat Territorial en Entreprise (VTE) Scheme offered by the Enterprise Directorate at the French Ministry of Economy and Finance and BPI France.

Launched in November 2018 by the French government and supported by BPI France since May 2019, this "Volontariat Territorial en Entreprise" scheme builds bridges between Business School students, recent graduates and SMEs in the Industrial Sector based in their regions. This answers a request from these SMEs that experience difficulties in attracting and recruiting the young talents they need for their development.  
Inspired by the VIE Scheme (International In-company Volunteers), this allows students on a work-study programme holding a 2-year or beyond degree and to young graduates to reach quickly assignments with responsibilities in SMEs or mid-sized companies. 

#AventureVTE: a Win-Win Scheme 

The VTE scheme targets students on an extended work-study programme or young graduates with 2-to-5-year degrees up to 2 years after graduation. Its purpose is to foster co-construction and development of the firm thanks to a novel vision for CEOs provided to them by the new dynamics brought in by young people on a VTE. 

The firm undertakes to offer a position answering directly to at least one of the senior managers in the firm and to assign to the student or young graduate an essential and structuring project for the development of the company: a new service, internationalisation, the development of exports, the deployment of breakthrough technology projects, the creation of new products or new production methods, etc.  

In return, the young employee undertakes a mobility approach, engages full-time in internal projects and is a constructive force in a proactive way for the company’s senior management. He/she must also devote part of his/her time to strategic thinking on the positioning and development of the firm and share this vision with senior managers. 

By joining this scheme, EM Normandie will be in a position to offer more work-study contracts and one-year minimum employment to students and recent graduates of the Bachelor Management International, the Master in Management and some of the MS and MScs programmes. This is also a way to further extend its network of partner companies while contributing, in line with its mission, to the development of French SMEs and Mid-sized firms.

Virginie Correc

Virginie CORREC

Partnership Manager