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28 May 2020

Read the new issue of the EM Normandie Alumni Magazine, which covers different types of intelligence

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In this new issue of the Alumni Magazine, the EM Normandie Alumni Association focuses on different types of intelligence, a topic which is at the heart of EM Normandie’s learning programme. Our graduates’ stories show how it is possible to achieve both personal and professional goals by building unique skills. 

The sixth edition, of the Alumni Magazine published in May 2020, explores the issues around different types of intelligence. Until the mid-1980s, intelligence was measured solely on our logical faculties. It is now thought of as a multi-faceted concept, which can be approached from a spatial, mathematical, musical, physical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and even natural perspective! 

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Michael Ferrière - One Each Founder - 2002 Master in Management graduate

Recognising different forms of intelligence as a key to success

Our EM Normandie alumni tell us about their own bright careers. Marie-Amélie Le Fur has won eight Paralympic Games medals. Her journey is both inspiring and admirable, showing how high-level sportspeople use different forms of intelligence. The magazine also explores the story of Michaël Ferrière (2002 Master in Management graduate). After beginning his career in banking, he decided to channel his intelligence into creating One Each a community restaurant in the Parisian suburbs. We also cover the journey of author and comedian François Patissier (Master in Management class of 1985) who has spent his unique career developing different forms of intelligence.

This edition demonstrates how graduates draw on their unique qualities, and how originality is an essential success factor in the modern world.

A new format

The format of the Alumni Magazine is changing! It now includes new sections with more news on the EM Normandie Alumni community. Read about the elections of the Association’s next Board of Directors, together with an article on the EM Normandie Foundation. Also find out more about the naming programme at the School’s Caen, Le Havre and Paris campuses.


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