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Laurie Grenier
Laurie Grenier

Marketing Assistant in work-study at Loubsol

Laurie, a work-study student at Loubsol as part of her course at EM Normandie, presents her missions and the advantages of doing work-study during her studies.

Benoît Nussbaum, director, presents his company and its products.

Carole Dong, Laurie's apprenticeship tutor, explains the day-to-day organisation of her work as well as the follow-up done with the school during the work-study contract. 

Can you introduce us to the Loubsol company?

Benoît Nussbaum: It is a brand that was created in 1948 in the Jura. We work on several main markets.

On the one hand, we have sports distribution. The products that constitute our core business are sunglasses. Several years ago we diversified into ski goggles.

Another part of our business is pharmacy on the one hand and parapharmacy on the other. 

What are your tasks as a trainee at Loubsol?

Laurie: My tasks are quite varied. They range from internal communication to events, via marketing and digital communication. I also deal with order forms and the website.

What does Laurie bring to the job?

Carole Dong: Laurie provides us with daily support. In concrete terms, she has taken on digital missions that she alone is responsible for.

As a tutor, my objective is to make her more and more autonomous. At the beginning of her contract, we had very regular meetings to set the framework for the projects. Today, I try to give her more autonomy in managing these projects.

What skills did you acquire during your work-study programme?

Laurie: During my work-study programme, I developed several soft skills, such as learning to work in a hurry and to adapt to daily life.

The fact that I was working for a "real" brand with concrete needs led me to become more pragmatic.

What follow-up is provided by the School?

Carole Dong: As a tutor, I had a meeting with one of the School's referents who came to the school to assess our feelings, to see how the company worked and the premises.

Laurie and I also had the opportunity to express our feelings individually. It was important to have this contact with the School.

What are the advantages of a work-study programme for a student?

Laurie: The advantages of a work-study programme lie mainly in the acquisition of professional experience. It will obviously add experience to my CV.

It also allows me to put into practice what I have learned during my courses. The reverse is also true. In my courses I find practical cases that I have experienced in the company. This allows me to understand them better and to put the theory into practice.

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