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Romane Bolloch
Romane Bolloch

Onboarding Project Manager on work-study at Ornikar

Can you introduce yourself and explain your background?

Hello everyone, my name is Romane, I'm 24 years old and I'm currently in M2 Marketing Strategy and Business Development at EM Normandie, in a work-study programme at Ornikar, an online auto school.

I joined the EM Normandie Caen campus right after graduating from high school. Then, I had the chance to pursue my studies abroad by going to Finland in my second year, then to the Oxford campus, and finally to Vietnam, before choosing my Master's speciality which I decided to follow as a work-study programme.

Why did you choose EM Normandie Business School?

I chose EM Normandie for its many opportunities to go abroad, but also for the incredible atmosphere I felt during my admission orals. When I arrived in the Master's programme, I started to be interested in the work-study programme.

Why a work-study programme?

After an optional year during which I had two 6-month work experiences, I wanted to continue to evolve in the professional world, which is why I wanted to spent the final year on a work-study programme.

What are your tasks at Ornikar?

At Ornikar, I hold the position of "Onboarding Project Manager", which means that I am in charge of the administrative support of our partners, i.e. the driving teachers. I therefore have operational tasks such as the administrative follow-up of my portfolio of teachers, but also cross-functional tasks, such as the continuous improvement of our processes, the search for and implementation of new B2B partnerships...

How does your training at the school help you in your assignments in companies?

In my Master, we have classes one week a month, and we spend the rest of the time in our company. Our theoretical classes can therefore be directly applied in the business world. Indeed, I chose a job at Ornikar that is related to my Master's degree.

At school, I had classes on both the commercial and marketing aspects, which allowed me to develop my skills and apply them to my daily work at Ornikar. The reverse is also true, I was able to develop some of my skills at Ornikar which I used in my classes this year. For me, the work-study programme is a real complement to my initial training!

What can we wish you for the future?

To find a job that I like at the end of my work-study contract and to start my professional career more fulfilled than ever!

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