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Double Degrees in France or Abroad

At EM Normandie, you have the opportunity to take a Double Degree with one of the School’s partner universities, in France or abroad during the last year of the Master in Management and the Bachelor Management International.

The strong points of a double degree option

Earning a double degree allows you to master a foreign language, to explore another culture and to show your ability to adapt to a different environment. These qualities are in high demands among today’s recruiters.

Stand out from the pack by displaying a double degree on your CV! Earning a double degree allows you to:

  • Differentiate your profile from other candidates
  • Access international firms more easily
  • Start with a high position and salary

Double Degrees Abroad

Master in Management

To date, 15 destinations allow the Double Degree option for the Master in Management. The degrees awarded are very diverse and cover many opportunities to study in another language in a cross-cultural context. 

Find out more about the partner institutions

Bachelor Management International

In year 3 of the Bachelor Management International, Osnabrück in Germany and Lillehammer in Norway offer you the double degree option.

Double degrees in France

Master in Management students also have the opportunity to earn  a double degree from one of our partner academic institution in France the IAE Caen, under the Atrium programme (exchange for M2 students)

Programmes offered: