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Student associations and events

The School's associations

The School's associations animate the campuses and stimulate student life by offering events in all areas.

By joining one of the School's 100 associations, you can get involved in the themes that interest you: sport, music, sustainable development, consulting, humanitarian work, student support, promotion of your School, etc.

Find the right Association for you

Choose from more than 100 associations on the different campuses of the School. And if you wish, create your own project on a subject that is close to your heart. 

Here are some examples:

Les Dimanches Électroniques

Take part in the organisation and promotion of musical events in unusual places and share your passion for electronic music.


Promote the School at fairs and forums in France and elsewhere. Participate in the organisation of events such as Open Days, information evenings, Admissibles...

La Fédération des Étudiants

Unite the students and become their representatives, get involved in the School life, take part in major decisions, promote community life, get involved in CSR, equality or prevention issues.


Amateurs or passionate about horse riding and events, launch yourself into the organisation of an official show jumping competition on the beaches of Normandy. Look for sponsors, manage the communication and the organisation.


Organise a 2-month humanitarian trip in the south of Peru to help underprivileged children. Build a classroom and animate the childrens’ daily life through lessons, games and homework support.

Live your student life to the full

Being part of an association means living to the rhythm of meetings with other members and investing yourself fully in your missions, as Gabin, a member of the Students’ Office (BDE) on the Le Havre campus, can testify. 

This year, the School's community life has allowed me to progress, to meet a lot of people and to live the EM Normandie experience to the full. I also met the people who work on the campuses. The back-to-school campaigns also had a big impact on me because they are intense.
On the Le Havre campus, we meet in the morning at the EM Square before classes to chat with friends, play table football, ping-pong or video games to get the day off to a good start. During the breaks, we meet to discuss our associative projects.
I was very involved in the Students’ Office. When you take part in community life, I recommend a maximum of involvement, it allows you to become more professional, to develop your knowledge and at the same time to share good times.

Master in Management student
Students’ office member

Experience a human and collective adventure

César, Louis, Cyril and Olivier had a dream: to spend a year cycling the Silk Road. They used the association pathway to create Colybride association, and make their dream come true.

Projet Colybride

Colybride project

We cycled the roads of Eurasia, through a variety of landscapes, meeting people we would always remember. The trip taught us more about ourselves, our group and others, and we lived through some emotional experiences. We alternated between lamenting the impossible nature of our task, and being completely in our element. We also worked with NGOs to apply the community skills we had learned at the School.
Using this learning for a good cause was immensely satisfying. These thousands of kilometres that we spent on our bikes reminded us that our planet provides an infinite wealth of new experiences, and that we are all human, regardless of our nationality, beliefs or political opinions. We were thankful to be able to wake up every morning in a different place, using a stream or river as our bathroom, carrying our entire lives in four bags. For us, the real benefit of travelling by bike is that it allowed us to slowly immerse ourselves in each culture.

Louis Fernier, Cyril Dias, César Bygodt and Olivier Lefèvre
graduates of Master in Management, 2018 
Colybride project

Vibrate during the student association elections

How could you be more integrated than by joining student offices at EM Normandie?

They organise a great variety of events with the aim of strengthening cohesion among the EM Normandie community and breathing life into the School in many different ways. Students are organised in societies for students (Bureau des Elèves), culture (Bureau des Arts et de la Culture), sports (Bureau des Sports), solidarity (Bureau des Initiatives).

Each year in March on the Caen and Paris campuses and in November on the Le Havre campus, elections are organised to choose the new society leaders. Several lists of students stand for election during a fierce electoral campaign, which culminates in an all-day event on the campuses. The campuses are decorated around a theme that reflects the lists, with the aim of convincing you to elect the leaders who will take on responsibilities throughout the year.  

The Caen Student Carnival

Attended by almost 30,000 participants in late March/early April, this is the largest student carnival in Europe.

To mark the occasion, the CARNAVAL'EMN association, which is piloting the project for EM Normandie, is thinking big and is parading its own float decorated according to a predefined theme. The opportunity to defend the School's colours in the streets of Caen and to take part in one of the biggest student events of the year!

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