Work-study programme in a Business School


Internships, challenges, missions and interventions by professionals


Gain professional experience with the many internships opportunities offered during your course. Use the skills developed at the School and put them into practice in a professional context.

In France or abroad, internships allow you to discover the business world at the beginning of your course, then to orientate yourself towards your preferred field while learning to respond to different problems given by companies.

Confront your professional ambitions with the reality of the field with your end-of-studies internship, play a key role within a company and develop essential field experience to best prepare your future


Respond as a team to a real problem entrusted by a company director or executive. For several weeks, reflect on the subject and propose your recommendations to the company in the form of a presentation to a panel of professionals.

In this context, you will benefit from methodological tutoring sessions led by the School's professors: work methodology, keys to reflection, etc.

The themes of the assignments offered vary according to your programme: market research, economic intelligence, business creation, logistics, human resources, marketing development, financial or strategic analysis.

More than 1,500 business consulting assignments have already been carried out by the School's students.


Respond in teams to a problem entrusted by a company to your entire class. Each group of students competes with the other teams. Learn to compare your ideas with those of your competitors while learning from their vision.

Bring a quick answer to a problem entrusted by a company, take a step backsharpen your critical sense and improve your decision-making capacity.

Examples of projects entrusted by companies:

  • Innovation Academy (OIA): create your own innovative company as a team in this unique partnership with ENSICAEN and Orange Lab.
  • Cross-Challenge on the digital transformation of organisations: propose solutions to improve internal company processes or work practices using digital technologies.
  • X-Culture Challenge in a multinational team: develop a business plan and propose an international strategy to three companies - Italian, American and Brazilian.
  • Conducting a market study for the launch of a leisure centre.
  • Organisational diagnostic mission: analysing a production line in order to obtain ISO certification.
  • Optimisation of a Supply Chain: carrying out a carbon assessment for intra-warehouse flows.
  • Company creation: supporting a company creation project in the field of ecological transport.
  • ...
missions et challenges en entreprise

Interventions by professionals

Benefit from the expertise of speakers who are experts in their field and share their experience of the professional world. Mobilise your knowledge around real company cases and confront yourself with the reality of companies.

Examples of professional presentations:

  • Intervention of the company Purple Lab: understand the management of human resources in companies through concrete cases.
  • Create your own company with the support of an entrepreneurial expert: tackle all the stages of entrepreneurship, from ideation to the creation of the company.
  • Inspirational seminars: gain perspective on different issues thanks to life stories from graduates of the School and other personalities.
  • Territorial Intelligence seminars: benefit from the expertise of high-level professionals in the field of economic and territorial intelligence.
  • ...
Virginie Correc

Virginie CORREC

Partnership Manager