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Future apprentices: benefit from multiple advantages with the School's CFA

In 2020, as soon as the law on professional training allowed it, EM Normandie set up its own Apprentice Training Centre (CFA). To date, only a few business schools have taken this decision, which has many advantages.

With its integrated CFA, the School intends to intensify the development of work-study programmes, which is both a vector of social openness and a real springboard for your professional integration. Apprenticeship training centres, also known as apprenticeship sections or apprenticeship training units, are training establishments that provide work-linked training to their apprentices.

A scheme to open up work-linked training to as many people as possible

Thanks to its CFA, the School is free from the quota of places (for companies) previously imposed by the regions. However, to guarantee optimum teaching quality, the number of places available on each campus may be limited. These places are allocated to students in the order in which they obtain their work-linked training and according to the places available.

You can access work-study programmes on all of the French campuses - Caen, Le Havre and Paris - and find your company thanks to the more than 1,500 work-study offers transmitted by the School's 5,000 partner companies and by the EM Normandie Alumni network.

For several years now, work-study programmes have known a real success. Each year, more than 2,200 students join one of those programmes at EM Normandie.

Proposez un stage, un emploi ou une alternance

Benefit from support throughout your training course

The School's Internship and Work-Study Department provides you with all the answers concerning the organisation of your work-study programme and the legislation governing periods spent in companies. Your advisor will guide you during negotiations with your employer, from your first interview to the signing of the contract.

Your CFA follows you throughout your work-linked training. You are in direct contact with your School referent, who is responsible for checking that you are properly integrated into the host company. You can contact him/her as soon as you feel the need to do so and thus clear up any questions you may have.

Within your host company, the apprenticeship supervisor follows you in your assignments and the acquisition of required skilled. He or she is also your CFA's main contact at your host company throughout your work-study period.


Follow a work-study programme was an obvious choice for me because I wanted to gain solid professional experience before obtaining my diploma in a sector of activity that has always attracted me: the automotive industry. I got my work-study placement at BMW during a recruitment event organised at the School. The Career Path teams knew of my interest in this industry and put forward my application so that I could meet them. After a second interview in their Paris office, I was offered a work-study contract as a Marketing Assistant in Customer Experience and Satisfaction Research. It's a job I really like, with responsibilities, autonomy and the possibility of working in an international context, which was also a goal for me.

Manon, M1 student, BMW Customer Satisfaction and Experience Assistant


The Career Path is a unique customised support system that helps you to gradually define your personal and professional project. In addition, its dedicated team and network of 20 certified external coaches - human resources and recruitment professionals - will support you during your search and accompany you continuously and individually during your work-study programme.

work study programmes advantages

Professionalise yourself and boost your profile through work-study programs

By joining a 1 or 2-year work-study programme, you will spend 75% of your time in a company. Develop the technical skills that are essential to your professional project, prepare yourself for the business world and develop the interpersonal skills that are essential for any future manager. Conducting meetings, managing projects and mastering sophisticated software will no longer hold any secrets for you.

When it comes to finding a job, work-study programmes are a great way to get your first job quickly after your studies. You can even receive a job offer before you graduate. Thanks to a long period of immersion in a company, you will build an attractive and operational profile on the job market.


Gain financial independence through work-linked training

Signing a professionalisation contract or an apprenticeship contract gives you access to employee status. You have the same benefits as your colleagues: 5 weeks paid holiday and social security cover in the event of illness, work accident or maternity.

In addition, your work-study status exempts you from paying school fees, which are paid by your host company. In addition, you receive a salary for your work.


The degree courses offered by the Business School

Opt for a work-study contract during the final year of the programme. Real springboard to the professional world and to your dream job!

The first years of the programme are usually dedicated to the acquisition of fundamental knowledge in management and in-company projects (case studies, consulting missions, challenges, etc.) carried out in collaboration between your school and its partner companies.

Work-study programmes open to international students