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The "Entrepreneurial Models in Agriculture" Chair

The agricultural world has faced radical changes for several years, such as globalisation, crises, ecology and public health stakes or even digitalisation, which modifies the way farmers operate their business. Multiple entrepreneurial models have thus emerged - growth by volume, niche strategy, diversification, internationalisation, collaborative economy, …- some of which resulted in a radical shift away from traditional approaches.

EM Normandie has partnered with Cerfrance, Crédit Mutuel Normandie, Groupama Centre Manche and Chambre Régionale d’Agriculture de Normandie to launch in October 2018 the Research Chair in « Entrepreneurial Models in Agriculture » (MEA), wich aims to explore these new farming business models and to introduce them to students and the general public.

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The agricultural world, a land of entrepreneurs

These entrepreneurial models bring the farm closer to the traditional business as taught in business schools and confirm that, far from stereotypes, the agricultural world is indeed a land of entrepreneurs with a capital "S". Under these circumstances, by creating the "Entrepreneurial Models in Agriculture" chair, EM Normandie wishes to explore, as a research organisation, and disseminate, as a training organisation, these entrepreneurial models. It is also an opportunity for it to strengthen its regional roots and spread the entrepreneurial spirit of farmers beyond the borders of Normandy and France.

The Chair's partners

Partenaires de la chaire MEA

The work of the Chair is grouped into three areas:

  • Axis 1: Local food circuits
    The Chair studies both the logistical models for supplying consumer basins with local products and the obstacles to the growth of local food circuits.
  • Area 2: Methanisation
    The Chair carries out work on the problems of societal acceptability of projects in this field.
  • Area 3: Innovative forms of agriculture
    The Chair explores new or updated agricultural practices in an urban and rural context.

The Chair's educational activities

The prize for the best dissertation in agriculture is awarded each year to M2 students in the agri-food sector. With the support of their tutor, the students work individually on a subject related to agriculture. They submit a thesis at the end of the year, the best of which are selected for an oral presentation before representatives of the Chair. The winner is then awarded a prize.

The project management module for third-year Master in Management students aims to raise awareness of agricultural and food issues. Within this framework, students propose, programme and, as far as possible, implement the project of their choice through group work.

What role can logistics companies play in the management of local agricultural products?

This round table, which took place online on 4 February 2021, was part of the work of the MEA Chair and the FuMa project. It brought together 60 people from various geographical and professional backgrounds.
Five active participants were invited: Lucile Audièvre (Logistique Seine Normandie), Renaud Dilasser (Stef), Anne Hurand (Normandy Regional Chamber of Agriculture), Jérôme Lenormand (farmer) and Christophe Saussaye (Normandy Region).

The round table highlighted several points:

  • The logistical difficulties induced by the growth of local food circuits (from 0' to 2'30)
  • The need to consider the appropriate logistics models (from 2'40 to 9')
  • Farmers' preference for pooling (from 9' to 16' and from 37.50' to 49')
  • A compartmentalisation between the agricultural world and the world of logistics (29'30 to 33'30);
  • Problems specific to collective catering (from about 16' to 21')
  • Taking into account the carbon footprint to determine the right model (from 49' to 55');
  • A market for local products that is not yet ready for mass production (59' to 1'06).

What the press is saying

Discover the two latest publications of the MEA Chair

  • BOURDIN, S., JEANNE, P., RAULIN, F. 2020, 'La méthanisation oui, mais pas chez moi! Une analyse du discours des acteurs', Natures, Sciences, Sociétés.
    LAMBERT, C., CONDOR, R. and PREVEL M. 2020, 'Le travail institutionnel sur les pratiques agroécologiques dans la filière du paysage en France', Economie Rurale, n°373, July-September, p. 5-22.

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Holder of the "Entrepreneurial Models in Agriculture" chair

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