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Test and develop your business with the EM Normandie Incubator

For several years now, the EM Normandie Incubator has been helping you with your business creation project.

Whether you are new to entrepreneurship or have some experience, benefit from its support throughout your studies... And move serenely from the idea to the creation of your startup!

  • 400+ students or graduates supported by the incubator since its inception
  • 150+ business creations since 2014
  • 10% of graduates are entrepreneurs

Who can join the EM Normandie Incubator?

This tailor-made support service is offered to all students of the School who wish to become entrepreneurs, regardless of their campus. It is completely free of charge during your studies and up to 6 months after your graduation.

It is also available to the School's graduates as part of the Alumni offer. 

Reveal the entrepreneur in you! 

What support is offered?

By joining the EM Normandie Incubator, you follow a three-stage path that covers the entire process of creating a company, from the raw idea to its final development.  

All these stages aim to give you the methodology, expertise and entrepreneurial reflexes that will make you an autonomous and successful business leader.


Validate your market and prepare the launch of your product/service.
Duration: 4 months


Find your first customers and structure your business plan.
Duration: 8 to 12 months


Grow your business through fundraising, international market launch and digital business development.
Duration: 12 months

At each stage of the support, you will benefit from multiple services:  

  • workshops: creating a community around your project, managing a crowdfunding campaign, creating your visual identity, defining your business plan, finding financing, finding customers, etc.
  • coaching sessions with the Incubator team
  • individual coaching sessions with an entrepreneur and business experts: communication strategy, marketing, accounting
  • afterworks with other incubated students
  • meetings with entrepreneurs
  • pitch preparation
  • bootcamps
  • project audit
  • E-learning and online tools...

This comprehensive and tailor-made package will lead you on the path to entrepreneurial success.

How to join the Incubator?

Apply for the 2 annual calls for projects, pitch your promising idea and get your place in EM Normandie Incubator.


The EM Normandie Incubator success stories

Every year, students bring their business projects to life with the help of EM Normandie Incubator. Discover these success stories in the testimonies on the site.

  • WebexpR
    Valentin BARTHEL and Pierre-Guillaume VILLEDARY - 2015 graduates

  • Match and Work
    Agathe BESVEL, Fanny BLANDIN and Laure BOULAN - Students

  • Mazette
    Juliette BURON - 2019 graduate

  • Alpha Spirit
    Émeric COUASNON - 2016 graduate

  • Linpact
    Mégane FLEURY - 2016 graduate

  • Les Petites Culotées
    Shonnead DÉGREMONT - 2018 graduate

  • Talpayrac
    Renaud de CARAYON - Student

  • KlaK
    Alice de GUYENRO - 2017 graduate

  • Dealer de Coque
    Louis HAINCOURT - 2018 graduate

  • Reglo
    Basile LAIGRE - 2018 graduate

  • Brou Factory
    Clara MERMIN - 2018 graduate

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