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Your logistics degree in a world-renowned Business School

What is logistics? 

The logistics activity consists of managing the physical flow of products / data to the end customer in compliance with specifications that include criteria such as deadlines, quality of service, optimisation of stocks and goods flows.

To optimise a logistics strategy, it is necessary to rely on innovative tools that allow real-time visualisation of stocks and offer traceability of these products. This strategy includes the management of flows, the provision of the resources necessary to achieve the objectives, and the management of costs.

Logistics degree

Your logistics degree with the Master in Management

With the Master in Management, join a Business School that has made a name for itself in numerous national and international rankings:

  • Top 70 of the best Masters in Management worldwide in the Financial Times and Top 100 of QS rankings.
  • Top 3 of the national rankings for Master's degree programmes (after high school).
  • All MS / MSc benefit from the CGE accreditation.

Benefit from innovative and interactive teaching methods, an international and multicultural environment and a close relationship with the business world which guarantees your employability at the end of the programme.

Master in Management with logistics specialisation

Build a career path that suits you, do a dual degree in partnership with one of the 200 universities over the world and discover the field of logistics through subjects such as Basics of International Trade and Logistics, International Trade, Purchasing and Logistics...

During your master, specialise in the field of logistics:

During the 4th year, choose the "Logistic and Purchasing" pre-specialisation, which includes courses in international trade, logistics, purchasing and supply chain management. 

In the final year, give your CV a logistics focus by choosing an M2 specialisation in French or English in the field of logistics and/or transport.

M2, MS and MSc courses in logistics

M2 / MS Supply Chain, Logistics and Innovation

Learn how to create value and manage global supply chains while adapting to technological and managerial innovations. Deploy efficient logistics strategies and manage the organisation of flows on a global scale. 

Develop a 360° vision of the logistics, transport, and supply chain sector and its digital transformation.

Put your knowledge into practice by carrying out an SAP project, a Business Game (French Connection), visiting port terminals and companies, writing a professional thesis and completing a 4-to-6-month internship.

Discover the innovation MS

M2 / MSc International Logistics and Port Management

Become a true expert in the port field, both in transport and logistics, from the development to the implementation of strategies for the optimisation of logistics flows and international transport.

Learn how to design a storage unit, manage warehousing and distribution operations and optimise the organisation of transport operations and services in an international context.

Mobilise your knowledge through professional seminars, two challenges "modelling" and "optimisation" of logistics flows, a negotiation project, an SAP project, company visits, visits to port terminals and a 4-to-6-month internship.

Discover the Port MSc

Discover the Port M2

M2 / MSc Supply Chain Management

Master all supply chain processes and implement effective strategies for your business: optimising physical and information flows and creating value. Learn how to anticipate customer demand, manage procurement and purchasing, and align commercial and operational strategies. Manage the strategic relationships between your company and its environment.

Put your knowledge to work in professional seminars, a modelling challenge and a supply chain optimisation challenge, a simulation game, a negotiation project, an SAP project, company and port terminal visits, and a four-to-six-month internship.

Discover the Supply Chain MSc

Discover the Supply Chain M2

The "Logistics" option of the  Bachelor International Management programme

The Bachelor International Management allows you to acquire all the knowledge, the openness to the world and the experience necessary to quickly start your career in just 3 years.

This programme, ranked in the Top 10 of the best Bachelors by Challenges and Moci, is available 100% in English and prepares you for the role of operational middle manager as soon as you leave school thanks to the numerous work placements in companies and international experiences.

With the Logistics option in 3rd year, become an expert in logistics, transport and port management with subjects such as: Multimodal Transportation, Logistics 4.0 and Port Management.

Nouveautés du Bachelor Management International

Discover the Bachelor International Management

Testimonies of students and graduated in logistics

Logistics is a very broad field. Working in purchasing was a gateway for me to be able to touch everything. I'm in contact with a lot of people, such as engineers, procurement and transport departments.
The purchasing department has a global view of the entire logistics process.

Juliette DÔ, Logistics site manager at Volvo Canada

I lead teams that include about 180 people based in Luxemburg, India and Budapest. This is may be the easiest part of my work: everyone has a chance to influence strategy, the opportunity to have an impact on things, and to ‘create’ the future… They are passionate people and digital addicts!

Virginie VAST, Head of Digital Supply Chain at Vodafone

For the last two years I have been at Decathlon, leading a team of forty people with a range of different approaches and skills. Together, we manage supplies to a number of stores in France and abroad. We ensure the sustainability of our operations and the safety of our site.

Amine BAHR, Head of logistics depertment at Decathlon

There were two open positions in this company, which specialised in online fundraising for private or solidarity events. At that time, they did not have a marketing director or an operations director.
I first applied for the position of marketing director. The recruitment process takes some time. And finally I was offered the position of operations director because I had experience in brand creation (finance, marketing, project prioritisation, etc.).

Lise VEAUVY, Director of operations at Leetchi

Logistics professions

The "logistics and transport" sector is experiencing strong growth with more than 2 million jobs in France. The e-commerce sector and new technologies associated with new consumer habits are boosting developments: green logistics, reverse logistics, last mile logistics.

These changes are pushing industrial companies in particular to review their organisation. Soft skills such as transversality and agility are now expected from logistics departments. Managers must be able to evolve in an international and multicultural environment and demonstrate an ability to mobilise and unite virtual teams.

Logistics and transport activities currently employ over 2 million people in France. This market is expected to grow by a further 1.5% each year.

Round table on the Supply Chain professions

Discover also the round table on the logistics and supply chain professions. Academic and professional speakers will discuss developments in this sector, the impact of crises on global logistics and career opportunities in this sector.

Mohamed Hichame Benbitour

Mohammed Hichame Benbitour (MHB)
Assistant Professor in Supply Chain

Antoine Dagnet

Antoine Dagnet (AD)
Head of purchasing at Safran

Antoine Moffroid

Antoine Moffroid (AM)
Logistics manager at La Ruche qui dit oui


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