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Welcome, International Students!

EM Normandie is a multicultural student body that fosters an international spirit with a priority geared towards student experience. The School is committed to developing and educating leaders who will make a difference for the future. Central to its success is its ability to transform students and impact their critical thinking and vision of the world.

By joining EM Normandie as an exchange student, you will receive enthusiastic teachings combined with intercultural awareness, adaptability, and the opportunity to grow your network in a global and fast changing world.

Take advantage of all the opportunities offered to you at EM Normandie! Discover our campuses, explore the culture, take a deep dive into the social life and benefit from all the support and services at your disposal to make you feel home away from home.

Welcome to EM Normandie, the ideal destination to live the best experience of your student life!

7 campuses, 7 ways to Enjoy EM Normandie

With its multi-campus presence in France, UAE, England and Ireland, studying at EM Normandie means benefiting from the same level of academic excellence across the board, with a twist of cultural exception that makes each campus feel unique. Learn a new language, enjoy top facilities, and find the best student society to join for your individual growth.

Caen Campus

At the heart of a centre of research and teaching excellence, the Caen campus includes five amphitheatres, open-access computer rooms, language laboratories, a media library, relaxation rooms and community life areas. Student society life is very active on campus, with over 20 to choose from. Amongst them, the International Student Society is dedicated to welcoming international students and ensuring their success integration to EM Normandie's community.

Explore Caen campus

Le Havre Campus

Located just a few minutes from the port, in the heart of the city, the Le Havre campus has all the amenities to make you feel at home. With over 15 student associations, campus life can be a source of all kinds of professional and personal fulfilment. For international students who want to share their experience with other expats, we invite you to join the student associations! We also offer events such as orientation days, city visits and other cultural adventures.

Explore Le Havre campus

Paris Campus

The Paris campus is ideally located at the heart of the French capital, just a few minutes away from the Eiffel Tower. Students on campus are welcomed with an infrastructure designed for their well-being and can enjoy facilities encouraging collaboration. Do you want to experience the city of lights from a student society's perspective? Choose from more than a dozen societies and make your experience in the city unforgettable. International students on campus can count on "Yakuz'EM": the student's bureau in charge of promoting students through various events organised throughout the year.

Explore Paris campus

Dubai Campus

Inaugurated in 2022, the Dubai campus benefits from a privileged environment in the Dubai Knowledge Park near Palm Jumeirah Island and many renowned international universities. With a surface area of 1,400 m², the campus includes 7 teaching and educational spaces, a social area for students and staff, break areas, etc. It also faces the headquarters of major IT multinationals: Dell Technologies, Cisco Systems, Huawei, Amazon Services...

Explore Dubai campus

Dublin Campus

The Dublin campus relocated in 2019 in order to get closer to the city centre and the financial district. On this new campus, take advantage of two large lecture rooms, a catering and a lounging area. With three years of existence and a small cohort of students, EM Normandie's student society life is organised around discovering the many aspects of the Irish culture, such as Gaelic sports, sightseeing and, of course, social life.

Explore Dublin campus

Oxford Campus

The campus greets you in the historic centre of the city of Oxford, near the world-famous university, which is a bonanza for anyone wanting to acquire an international cultural orientation and take courses taught entirely in English. The Oxford campus houses a library, a cafeteria and a sports hall. In terms of leisure, Oxford will delight lovers of shopping, museums and worldwide cuisine. Student society life on campus is blooming with many projects in development. International students arriving on campus can enroll in a buddy programme where they are assigned a designated EM Normandie ambassador to teach them the ropes of the city and facilitate their integration.

Explore Oxford campus

Programmes tailored to your ambitions

A recognised school and holder of the most prestigious EQUIS,  AACSB and AMBA accreditations, EM Normandie offers innovative teaching methods to support you at all stages of your professional and personal development, regularly rewarded by national and international rankings of the best business schools (Financial Times, QS World Education Rankings, Challenges, etc.).

Through its training programmes, the School empowers you to become tomorrow's leaders through the best years of your lives. 

Programmes and specialisations are taught either in French or English depending on the study level and campus you wish to go to. You will have to choose a training programme and then courses for your learning agreement. You cannot mix courses from different programmes but you can select less than 30 ECTS credits if you wish to do so.

Please note that the learning agreement sent to us before your arrival is for reference only since courses are subject to change. Official course registration will be made during the compulsory orientation days. During the first two weeks of class, you can add or drop courses by sending an updated learning agreement.

Bachelor International Management: to get on a fast track to employment

Do you want to start a career quickly? With its specialisations, internship opportunities, study abroad periods and the ability to take part in a work-study programme, the Bachelor International Management provides you with all the knowledge, open-mindedness and experience you need to get started.

Bachelor International Management

BBA: to get prepared for an international career

Join this 4-year programme which is strongly oriented towards the international, professional and academic worlds. Benefit from an international and multicultural environment on the Paris, Oxford and Dubai campuses, cosmopolitan cities open to the world, and prepare yourself for an international career. 


Master in Management: to become an expert, prepared for the business world

Do you want to become an expert, to create your own company or to manage multidisciplinary teams? With its bespoke training path, vast expatriation destinations and various majors in the M2 year, the Master in Management (Programme Grande École) programme provides you with all the know-how and interpersonal skills you need to write your own story.

Master in Management

Double-degree opportunities

EM Normandie, thanks to partnerships with academic institutions worldwide, offers you the opportunity to earn a double-degree while studying at the School. To assist you with your internship opportunities, you can count on the Career Path to provide:

  • Training modules on campus and via e-learning
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Co-development and feedback workshops
  • Personal development tools and access to an online platform

In addition, benefit from EM Normandie's network of Bachelor International Management Alumni to assist you with your job search.

Double degrees

Dedicated services for an unforgettable experience

Because making students feel at home is our utmost priority, the School provides services that go beyond welcoming you on our campuses.


The HUB is the single gateway for EM Normandie students. Once registred, this department will help you before and during your study abroad with administrative formalities such as accomodation, immigration, social security, and much more. Each campus has a dedicated English-speaking coordinator with the HUB so that your integration to EM Normandie can be as smooth as possible.

Orientations days

The international office organises orientation days every semester to welcome you to the School. Throughout your first days with us, you will be invited to welcome coffees, ice breakers, intercultural workshops and many social activities to get to know one another.


Accessibility and equal opportunities

With the inclusion of all students at heart, the School created a department dedicated to equal rights, diversity, and opportunities, which provides a wide variety of services to help you thrive in our school and in your future career, regardless of your situation: 

  • Personal follow-up with an advisor
  • Help with administrative issues for internships or study abroad experiences
  • Social services
  • Emergency aid funds
  • Etc.

Learn more about accessibility and inclusion

Choose EM Normandie for your exchange programmes

To apply and study as an exchange students at EM Normandie, you need to possess a B2 level in the language of instruction (French or English) and be nominated by your home university. Language certificates from your home university are accepted. Students for whom French or English are their native language are waived of this requirement.


Once selected, your home university has to fill out an online nomination form. An invitation to nominate students online is usually sent in February for the Fall semester or full year exchange and in July for the Spring semester exchange. Confirmation is sent via a nomination link.


  • Fall semester: May 1st
  • Spring semester: October 15th


Upon nomination, you will be sent a link to an application form. The following documents need to be uploaded in the application:

  • Copy of ID or passport
  • Transcripts of records for the completed years of study
  • Proof of English or French language proficiency

The application form, along with the uploaded documents, will be reviewed by international coordinators. Once approved, students will receive a letter of acceptance that contains their academic calendar. You will then receive login details, allowing you to register into the School's system and access the internal portal. International coordinators will contact you and provide information related to airport pickup and orientation days.


  • Fall semester: May 15th
  • Spring semester: October 31st

Students on a full-year exchange programme can mix campuses and languages of instruction if they wish to.

Contact us for more information!

International Exchanges Programmes

International Exchanges Programmes

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