The HUB: a Single and Centralised Administration Service 

Once you are registered at the school, the Hub is the single gateway that deals with all requests and answers all questions on the various Campuses.  

This new scheme, which aims to act as a liaison between you and the school’s various departments, will support you throughout your studies, whatever your programme or campus. 

Fifteen flexible team members will be at your service for any questions, requests for information, documents to submit or to withdraw a registration :

  • Attendance certificates
  • Certificates (end of studies, languages, etc.)
  • Records transcripts
  • Internship agreements
  • Preferences and Course Options  
  • Formalities for internships, working abroad, etc.

 The Objectives of the Hub

  • To centralise, simplify and optimise your daily administrative needs
  • To track your records comprehensively
  • To standardise practices: registration files, administration documents to ensure that quality standards are met.

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