Research at EM Normandie Business School

Research at EM Normandie

Research at EM Normandie abides by three strong principles: 

  • Practical Intelligence, whereby the link between practice and academic thinking is viewed as necessary and fruitful 
  • A Cross-disciplinary orientation, which recognises the diversity of competencies required from a Business School 
  • An openness towards professionals, by offering a forum for exchange between the professional world and the academic community 

Accordingly, it is incorporated within the framework of:

  • An academic approach, through the intellectual contribution from lecturers/researchers 
  • An outreach approach, by circulating columns and articles on the EM Normandie blog 
  • Partnership research, by creating research chairs and expert consulting projects commissioned by professionals 

The outreach and academic attractiveness of research are deployed through scientific events organised or co-organised by lecturers/researchers.

The Dean of Research Office

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The Dean of Research sets individual intellectual contribution objectives for lecturers/researchers and supports them to achieve their objectives. 

The research valorisation activity, which aims at increasing the impact of intellectual production in the social, economic and cultural environment, is led by a full-time Faculty member who supports lecturers/researchers in their search for external funding (endowed chair, research contract, expert consulting assignment, etc.)

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Dean of Faculty and Research