MSc Banking Finance and Fintech

Your finance degree in a world-renowned Business School

Become an expert in the world of finance by joining a finance course offered by a world-renowned Business School, a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) and ranked in the Top 90 European Business Schools by the Financial Times.

Whatever your career plans, whether you want to work in the banking sector, become an expert in risk management, financial auditing or even become a corporate account manager, EM Normandie's range of programmes will enable you to acquire the skills needed for your future role.

MSc Banking Finance and Fintech

Combining academic knowledge, professional assignments and case studies applied to the finance sector, these cutting-edge finance degrees share a common objective: to initiate or reinforce your specialisation in the financial sector. 

Get ready for the world of finance

During your first years of study, develop fundamental knowledge in economics and business management. The variety of subjects offered allows you to tackle a wide range of skills: economics, law, accounting, project management, marketing, foreign languages, etc. before specialising in the Master's programme. 

In terms of finance, you will tackle fundamental subjects and choose your electives in this field.

  • With the Bachelor International Management, 3-year degree: introduction to finance, financial analysis, international finance.
  • With the BBA, 4-year degree: introduction to finance, banking and international payments.
  • With the Master in Management, 5-year degree: financial analysis, taxation, management control, finance, investment and treasury.

Your finance major with the Master in Management

With the Master in Management, join a School of Management that has made a name for itself in numerous national and international rankings:

  • Top 70 of the best Masters in Management worldwide in the Financial Times ranking.
  • Top 100 in QS World University Rankings.
  • Top 3 of the national rankings for Master's degree programmes (after high school).

Benefit from innovative and interactive teaching methods, an international and multicultural environment and a close relationship with the business world which guarantees your employability at the end of the programme.

master finance programme grande ecole

Build a career path that suits you, do a dual degree in partnership with one of the 200 universities over the world and discover the field of finance through subjects such as financial analysis, taxation, general accounting, management control and performance management, finance, investment and treasury.

During your master, specialise in the field of finance:

Learn how to implement a digital strategy as a whole and develop expertise in marketing and communication tools.

In the 1st year (M1), choose the "Finance" pre-specialisation: this coursework includes a solid foundation in financial management, accounting and taxation.

In the final year (M2), depending on yo career goals, give your CV a financial focus by choosing one of the available specialisations:

M2 Audit and Corporate Finance

Train for jobs in auditing, management control, banking and finance in positions of operational responsibility.

Discover the business environment and combine theory and practice during a Business Plan seminar, a Business Plan challenge, a business game and a 6-month internship in France or abroad. Develop your knowledge and skills in general accounting, general finance, financial controlling, artificial intelligence for finance, development of financial databases, economic analysis, value management, financial engineering, financial analysis, ...

After degree completion, take advantage of numerous career opportunities at the end of your training: management controller, chartered accountant, auditor, financial auditor, risk manager, treasurer, accounting director, financial director.

Discover the Audit M2


M2 / MSc finance courses in finance

M2 / MSc Banking, Finance and FinTech

Develop real expertise in FinTech, a sector that has been growing rapidly for several years. 

Master the key concepts of FinTech, build simple applications based on open source frameworks and develop both technical and commercial skills. Develop a strong financial and banking culture and a good understanding of the new entrants in the FinTech sector: corporate financial management, bank management, investment-banking, strategic management, capital management, accountancy, investment analysis, ...

Put your knowledge into practice and gain work-experience during two challenges (one with a FinTech company and one with a bank), visits to FinTech companies and banks in the financial centre of London, lectures with the wider Oxford business and academic community, a 4-6 month internship and a group study trip.

There are many finance career opportunities in the FinTech field for your career in finance: remote client advisor, strategic analyst, web business developer or project manager in the fields of corporate finance, banking or FinTech.

Discover the Master of Science in Finance & FinTech

Discover the Finance & FinTech M2


M2 / MSc Financial Data Management

With this business degree, become an expert in the fields of finance, database management, predictive tools and management of multidisciplinary teams.

Master the main methods of management control, adopt the right reflexes in the construction of a data architecture and define performance indicators to integrate them into a management tool.

Develop your knowledge of management and finance, master digital terminology and tools (Big Data, artificial intelligence, etc.) as well as the soft skills essential for collaboration: Information-systems, risk management and insurance, managerial economics, finance and accounting, financial economics, ...

Put your knowledge into practice during: two assignments "Preparing a company for digital transformation" and "Using data management tools", a university research partnership with a company, a Finance Bootcamp (tutored projects), a professional thesis and a four-to-six-month end-of-studies internship.

With this M2 / MSc in finance, access all the traditional professions in corporate finance as well as professions revisited by digitalisation such as junior financial manager, cash manager, credit manager, performance manager, financial communication manager, risk manager, financial analyst, investment analyst, etc.

Discover the Financial Data MSc

Discover the Financial Data M2

Testimonies from finance graduates

Dual degree in finance

In your final year, earn a dual degree Master in Management / MSc Financial Data Management and give your CV a technical and international focus. By taking three additional modules during this year, you will open the doors to careers in international finance.

This double recognition attests to both academic excellence and your cutting-edge expertise in a targeted field, while reinforcing the value of your degree both nationally and internationally, as both degrees are the reference in France and on the international scene.

Create your company in the field of finance

Discover Amaury's career path, a 2014 graduate of the Bachelor International Management, who co-founded an investment bank in 2018 and holds the position of President of the company. His company supports startups and SMEs in their fundraising and divestment operations.

I chose this programme for 3 main reasons. First of all, the international aspect, as few schools at the time offered the possibility of spending a semester abroad in the first year after graduation. Secondly, for the internship opportunities that allow you to gain experience in the field. And finally, for the construction of the 3-year programme, which allows students to control the rest of their training and to specialise.

Bachelor International Management graduate

Careers in finance

The audit, finance and management control sectors are extremely broad. It includes many fields such as accounting, corporate finance, market finance, asset management, international finance, etc.

A finance professional may work in a private company (SME, large group, etc.), in a financial institution (bank, insurance company, brokerage firm) or as a consultant in a consultancy firm

Two recent trends have turned finance jobs upside down: on the one hand, digitalisation (AI, Big Data, robotisation, Cloud...) and on the other hand, the climate and environmental dimension and CSR. On the job market, it is difficult to find professionals specialised in Green Finance who are able to set up investment projects of an ecological nature.

Round table on finance jobs

Discover the round table on finance jobs, with Taher Hamza (TH), professor of finance and head of the law, finance and control department at EM Normandie and three graduates working in finance: performance management, audit project management and management control.

Taher Hamza (TH) Professor of Finance, Head of the Law, Finance and Control Department

Étienne Valles (EV) Performance management consultant at Viséo, EM Normandie graduate

Nicolas Renée (NR) Audit Project Manager at Talenz Audit, EM Normandie Graduate

Marie-Anne Thérèse Didi-Kouko (MDK) Management control consultant, EM Normandie Graduate