Insérez-vous dans le monde professionnel


Immerse yourself in the professional world

Ensuring your professionalisation is a priority for EM Normandie, which offers you a course punctuated by internships, missions and challenges based on real business cases, without forgetting the work-study programmes (available for international students under conditions). 

Multiply your professional experiences, challenge yourself in the field, find your way and make your career take off. Build an attractive profile that is sought after by recruiters as soon as you leave the School. 

To help you enter the professional world, take advantage of over 70,000 work-study and internship offers, including 5,000 offered exclusively to the School's students thanks to the network of 5,000 partner companies and the strength of the Alumni network.

The EM Normandie Career Path

logo Career Path

This unique support system is the hub of the entire EM Normandie Experience: academic, international, associative and professional. 

Determine your objectives and give meaning to each of your experiences throughout your course. As soon as you join the School, project yourself into a personal and professional project that suits you, by matching values, passions, skills and future careers.  

The Career Path is a dedicated internal team, certified expert coaches, recruitment professionals, workshops, personality tests, professional meetings, mentoring with Alumni, individual and group coaching sessions...  

Cultivate hard and soft skills with high added value to stand out in front of recruiters. Get your first job, a springboard for your future!

Discover the Career Path

Follow a work-study programme 

Want to get a head start on your future? Join an EM Normandie work-study course and get a job before you graduate! These programmes are highly professional and offer a number of advantages: tuition fees are paid by your company, you develop new skills and you receive a salary.

Immediately apply what you learn in training, and acquire the essential know-how and interpersonal skills needed in the workplace. Spend up to 75% of your time in a company for a real immersion in the professional world. Take on dedicated projects and real responsibilities. 

With more than 2,200 students enrolled in these programmes each year, EM Normandie is a leading school for work-study programmes.

Future apprentices: benefit from multiple advantages with the School's CFA

With its integrated CFA, the School no longer has quotas of places previously imposed by the regions and simplifies all your procedures related to work-study programmes.

Get access to work-study programmes on all French campuses - Caen, Le Havre and Paris - and find your company thanks to the more than 1,500 work-study offers available each year.

Benefit from full support in your search, for your contract negotiation and your work-study agreement draw up. Also benefit from personalised monitoring at each stage of your work-study programme.

CFA intégré à l'EM Normandie

Discover the EM Normandie's CFA

Internships, challenges, missions and interventions by professionals

Multiplying professional experiences is the best way to facilitate your integration into the working world. Projects, business games, real-life cases, assignments in companies, internships: challenge yourself in the field, find your way and get your career off the ground.

Test your knowledge against the reality of the field, learn to apply it to real company situations and find the right answers to the problems given. With a large network of partner companies of various sizes and sectors of activity, you will have many opportunities to enrich your career.

Dare to start a business, join the EM Normandie Incubator

The EM Normandie Incubator aims to lead you along the path to entrepreneurial success. Accessible to all students, this tailor-made programme is designed to provide you with the methodology, expertise and reflexes essential to your business project.

On the programme: conferences, Hackatons, thematic workshops (product viability testing, fundraising, business development, etc.), networking operations, individual and group coaching sessions given by profesionnals, legal and accounting specialists and some forty business experts (web developer, designer, social media manager, etc.). Pit your idea and get your place in the EM Normandie Incubator.

Join the Incubator

Participate in recruitment events

Meet professionals at 400+ recruitment events organised or promoted each year by the School: Career Workshops, Short Internship Forum, Jobdating, Work Experience, Job Meetup, etc.

  • Recruitment events

    Job Meetup

    Open to students on the Master in Management and in the final year of the Bachelor International Management, JOB MEETUP is the place to be if you want to find a long internship or your first job.

    Apply to partner companies, sell yourself during 15-minute interviews and benefit from constructive feedback to help you progress.

    150+ companies take part in these events each year, including: HERMES, ACCENTURE, BOLLORE, COCA-COLA, DECATHLON, FERRERO, KPMG, ORACLE, RADIO France, UNILEVER, AUCHAN, HITACHI, EUROSPORT, ORANGE, L'OREAL...

    Professions Workshops

    The Professions Workshops are networking experiences organised on the French campuses of EM Normandie.

    During these workshops, which are open to students on the Master in Management and in the final year of the Bachelor International Management, graduates and professionals discuss with students the reality of their profession, their career path and their company, all in a friendly environment.

    Gathered around themes ranging from auditing to communication via marketing, human resources or logistics, these workshops are an opportunity to discover the workings of a company, a profession or a sector of activity.

    Work-study Job Dating

    For students wishing to join a work-study programme, EM Normandie is organising the Work-study Job Dating.

    The formula? Companies wishing to recruit work-study students send exclusive offers to the School so that it can identify the most suitable profiles. Then, recruitment sessions are organised on the campuses, allowing the companies to meet the selected students.

    And it works! Many students find their work-study positions at EM Normandie thanks to this annual event.

julia quenet


Head of Internship and Work Study