international advisory board

EM Normandie

The International Advisory Board

In 2021, EM Normandie set up its International Advisory Board. This new step forward in the internationalisation of the School meets a double objective:  

  • to build a dynamic and promising network of influence
  • to strengthen its strategy by drawing on the expertise of leading academic and professional players

The International Advisory Board is an essential body for the Business School, which intends to conquer new worlds, geographically, professionally and academically, as part of its strategic orientations for 2030.


Building a dynamic and promising network of influence

The International Advisory Board is composed of influential figures from the academic world as well as professionals and graduates who are experts in international development.  

International Advisory Board

The Board aims to accelerate the development of various forms of collaboration between EM Normandie, partner universities and companies: academic and applied research, programmes, dual degrees, etc.

Supporting EM Normandie in building its strategy

The Board assists EM Normandie in its international development strategy through the exchange of best practices and an advisory opinion on its targeted orientations and projects: international attractiveness, campus openings, research, relations with companies, etc.  

Meetings are organised at least twice a year, both face-to-face and remotely. This external vision allows the Business School to enrich the debate by bringing an experienced external viewpoint on its various issues.