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The international research scientific council

Members  of the International Research Scientific Council

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Directorate General of the School and Directorate of Research

  • Sylvaine CASTELLANO, Responsible of Research, EM Normandie
  • Jean-Louis GREGOIRE, President of EM Normandie association
  • Valentin LECAILLEZ, Responsible for Research Promotion, EM Normandie
  • Elian PILVIN, Dean, EM Normandie

External Directors and Lecturers-Researchers

Update of the list in progress.

Heads of Departments

  • Irina Cirovic, Foreign languages & Humanities
  • Julian Hofmann, Marketing
  • Samah Jradi, Supply Chain Management
  • Amandine Lare, Economics
  • Mario Mendoza, Strategy
  • Diana Santistevan, HR Management


  • Mathilde AUBRY, Chairholder 'Digitalization and Innovation in Organizations and Territories', EM Normandie
  • Roland CONDOR, Chairholder 'Entrepreneurship Models for Agriculture', EM Normandie
  • Jean PRALONG, Chairholder 'Skills, Employability and HR Decision making', EM Normandie
sylvaine castellano


Dean of Faculty and Research