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Your human resources degree in a world-renowned Business School

What is human resources management?

Human resource management covers a wide range of tasks, including administrative and legal aspects, talent development, recruitment, training, etc. These tasks concern both the establishment of a human resources policy and the operational implementation of this HR policy.

Talent managers must be able to propose an effective human resources management strategy to recruit new talent and retain existing employees.

The HR function is constantly evolving with the help of technological advances that enable performance gains. Data analysis and Big Data are used to evaluate and optimise recruitment processes and resource planning. In addition, web-based platforms have been used more and more in recent years for human resources management.

Your HR degree with the Master in Management

For your degree in human resources, join an accredited Business School that has made a name for itself in numerous national and international rankings. This management degree is recognised worldwide:

  • Top 70 of the best Masters in Management worldwide in the Financial Times ranking.
  • Top 100 in QS ranking.
  • Top 3 of the national rankings for Master's degree programmes (after high school).

Benefit from innovative and interactive teaching methods, an international and multicultural environment and a close relationship with the business world which guarantees your employability at the end of the programme.

human resources training MIM

Build a career path that suits you, do a dual degree in partnership with one of the 200 universities over the world and professionalise yourself along the way.

During your master coursework, specialise in the field of HR:

In the final year (M2), add a human resources focus to your CV by choosing the specialisation offered in this field.

With this business degree, develop the skills needed to become a successful human resources professional. Learn to develop employee performance and create the conditions for a work organisation that develops the skills of individuals.

M2 Human Resources

Master all aspects of human resources management with subjects such as labour law, change management, CSR, labour relations, skills management, corporate social responsibility, HRM in the digital age... As a human resources manager, explore the digitalisation of practices and discover how the head of personnel and his or her teams accompany the digital transformation of a company.

Become an HR professional thanks to recognised experts' speeches (consultants, professional training managers, human resources managers, etc.) who come to share their experience of the professional world, an assignment in a company (HR start-up and large HR groups), challenges supervised by professionals and a 4-to-6-month internship. Develop your knowledge and skills in the field of organizational behavior, employment laws, recruiters' methodology, personnel management, payroll management, ... to become a successful human resource manager.

Join a programme that is built as closely as possible to the needs of companies and that offers many career opportunities: personnel manager, recruitment officer, training manager, business consultant, HR development manager, HR manager or organisational change manager.

Discover the Human Resources M2

Testimonies of graduated

Thanks to the classes, I discovered a sensitivity to the human aspect of management and to the HR management in companies. The professionals talking about their experience inspired me a lot and I liked working on practical exercises. All the subjects that revolve around HR seemed really natural to me and in line with my personality.
I immediately realised that this was the field for me. At that time, I had no experience in the subject at all. The optional year allowed me to confirm this wish. I was really lucky to find my path so spontaneously.

Chloé Legay, HR officer at TF1
HR officer

I work in a start-up called Climb, which currently has 50 employees. Our objective is to help individuals manage their personal finances.
When I left the recruitment firm, I left the commercial part to concentrate on the strategic part by working with the managers on building teams and processes. The experience in a recruitment agency is extremely formative because recruitment is very similar to sales, even if it is rarely perceived as such. You have to be able to sound out the expectations of the prospect, manager or candidate, and satisfy them.

Manon Abaziou, Talent acquisition specialist at Climb
Talent Acquisition specialist

Discover the human resources professions

The professions accessible after an HR training are varied, including:

  • Recruitment Officer / Manager
  • Training Officer / Manager
  • Job and Competency Management Officer / Manager
  • Talent acquisition specialist
  • Competence manager
  • Organisational change manager
  • Diversity manager