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Audrey Lahaye
Audrey Lahaye

Work-study communications officer, Air Liquide

Audrey, a work-study student at Air Liquide as part of her course at EM Normandie, presents her career path, her missions and her professional development. Jérôme Breteau, her apprenticeship tutor, presents his company. Together they explain all the advantages of work-study.

Can you introduce yourself?

Audrey: My name is Audrey, I'm a student at EM Normandie in the framework of the Master 2 Digital Strategy & Innovation and I'm doing a work-study programme at Air Liquide in the digital safety department, in charge of cybersecurity communication.

Jérôme Breteau: Air Liquide is the world leader in gases, services and associated technologies. A few figures: 23 billion euros in turnover, more than 66,000 people, a presence in 75 countries. Our business is producing, packaging and marketing air gases.

What are your missions during your work-study programme?

Audrey: I have various duties within Air Liquide; first of all I participate in the creation of a newsletter every two months. I'm also in charge of communicating cybersecurity awareness, which is disseminated throughout Air Liquide worldwide, and I also carry out various missions, in particular I take part in the creation of cybersecurity awareness materials.

What are the advantages of a work-study course?

Jérôme Breteau: The advantage for a work-study student is that he or she is integrated as an employee of the company, has longer professional experience and also has access to a small salary which is not negligible for a student.

Audrey: Thanks to a rhythm of 3 weeks in the company and 1 week of classes, this system allows me to take advantage of my student life with the classes I take at school, and also to integrate professionally.

I can apply what I see in class and improve my skills. This is what I really appreciate about work-study programmes. I'm developing various technical skills, and I'm improving my communication skills: computer graphics and media creation. In addition, my job allows me to learn more about the field of cybersecurity, which I was already interested in and which interests me even more.

How are you supported during your work placement?

Audrey: I am surrounded by cybersecurity experts in my company on a daily basis, which allows me to learn more about this field every day. The School is also very present throughout my work-study programme, very accessible. I benefit from follow-up throughout the year with various meetings between the tutor, the School and myself. The School is very present and very responsive if we have the slightest problem or need for information. 

What are the advantages of work-study?

Jérôme Breteau: I myself was a work-study student more than 28 years ago, so I have a very positive view of the subject. In particular, it allows you to become more professional quickly. People who take work-study courses often have more professional maturity.

Audrey: It also gives you access to jobs that would be more difficult to get. With work-linked training, you acquire more professional experience than if you only did work placements. It's a real asset!

Would you recommend work-linked training?

Audrey: I would definitely recommend work-linked training, it allows you to know what you want to do and what you don't want to do later on. In this way, you gradually enter the world of work.

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