Disruptechs Agora 24

02 December 2024

Disruptechs-Agora (DTA) 2024

Faculty and Research

EM Normandie Paris-Clichy Campus

    International conférence about : ‘Disruptive Technologies & Healthcare’

    Monday 2nd december 2024
    on EM Normandie Paris-Clichy campus

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    Organised in partnership with the Fabrique du Futur and the Innovation Research Network (RRI)

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    DTA24 Conference Main Topics

    Disruptive technologies are changing how we live, work, learn, and interact. Advances made in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Robotics, 3D printing, additive manufacturing etc. are transforming private and public organizations’ business models and competencies, highlighting the needs for adaptation at various -individual, collective, organizational, and societal- levels. These industry 4.0 technologies are likely to provide individuals, organizations, and society at large with huge benefits, such as speed, efficiency, security, transparency, and traceability. But they are also likely to meet a variety of expectations and concerns that previous editions of the DisrupTech Agora (DTA) conferences have sought to address (e.g., ethics, appropriability, resilience, sustainability).

    The aim of the 2024 DTA conference (DTA24) is to critically examine the impacts of disruptive technologies by focusing on the health sector.

    The latter is a special case because it is profoundly affected by a series of new and emerging technologies throughout the life cycle of the healthcare process, from the upstream development of new molecules to downstream patient care and management. The foregoing points to both interesting research topics and practical questions for those involved in healthcare as a professional practice, an economic sector and a field of technological application.

    DTA24 Conference Program

    Since 2021 and its first edition, the DTA conferences have brought together the views of practitioners and researchers on the subject of new technologies and their effects on individuals, organizations and society. This year, the DTA24 conference is made-up with two parts. The first part is devoted to two eminent keynote speakers, one researcher and one practitioner, who will provide the audience with an open but constructive dialogue on how new technologies are currently changing the way healthcare professionals work. Participation in the first part of the conference (keynotes and round table) is by invitation only. The second part of the conference is devoted to academic presentations in the form of a research seminar. Authors of selected papers will have the opportunity to assist keynote speakers, lecture and round table, and to be published in a special issue of the DTA24's partner journal: Innovations – Revue d’Economie et de Management de l’Innovation (I-REMI).

Patricia BAUDIER

Patricia BAUDIER

Professor in Marketing

Mathilde AUBRY

Mathilde AUBRY

Holder of the Chair "Digitalisation and Innovation in Organisations and Regions"