How to finance your business school?

Financing adapted to each situation

Because access to the Grandes Écoles must be open to all. EM Normandie offers various means of financing your studies.

These solutions facilitate the integration of students with modest incomes: state grants - bank loans with preferential rates - crowdfunding - small jobs - etc.

Work-study programmes to finance 1 or 2 years of study

At EM Normandie the tuition fees paid by students represent only 60% of the school's operating budget (in 2021) and this percentage has not changed since 2009. This is a way of not putting too much of a burden on students and their parents while constantly investing in quality infrastructures.

To do this the school is diversifying its sources of funding: including work-study programmes. In this way it is the companies that finance the training of students on work-study programmes which considerably reduces the bill at the end of the course.

More info about financing arrangements