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Ingenium Digital Learning, a unit of EM Normandie, is a pioneer in e-learning training.  The scheme creates flexible, scalable, innovative and customised training solutions for students and professionals. 

Its areas of expertise cover the full spectrum of digital training, from educational engineering, resource production and distribution through to training delivery.

  • Over 20 years of experience and know-how
  • 12 team members pedagogical engineers, graphic designers, videographers, developers, and more
  • Over 200 clients including training agencies and private companies
  • Over 30 open source platforms designed, hosted and maintained by us

Ingenium’s Expertise

  • Working with you to create a training scheme to meet your expectations
  • Producing e-learning solutions that are relevant to your needs
  • Supporting you in operating training programmes and monitoring each learner’s progress 
  • Enabling you to master your learning tools through training sessions and personalised advice

Success Stories

  • Renault Academy Application: To design an application for Renault with the aim of migrating an existing module to the web, thereby making it accessible on iPad and iPhone/iPod mobile formats. Ingenium developed the idea by re-thinking the content, ergonomics, graphic design and activities of the apps to make full use of tablets’ potential with games, captions, and 3D pictures.
  • Bel Food Collection Service: To design a collection of eight interactive, dynamic e-learning modules on behalf of Bel Food Service, which wanted a media-based training scheme to overcome organisational limitations. 

Ingenium Partners

Les partenaires d'Ingénium

Ingenium and EM Normandie

Ingenium eLearning has worked with the School, creating a digital learning ecosystem, for several years. The scheme thrives on the powers of collective intelligence and fosters collaborative working, giving students the chance to learn in a different way. 

The aim is to increase student engagement and to maximise the effect of classroom time by ensuring that attendance in class is meaningful. Students with varying degrees of engagement are transformed into self-directive learners who gain in maturity, change their behaviour and improve their employability. 

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Ingénium Digital Learning

Ingenium digital learning


Ingénium Digital Learning
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