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26 October 2021

2021 ranking of schools committed to changing the world: EM Normandie Business School in 9th place


EM Normandie boasts 9th place in the Les Echoes START and Change NOW 2021 “schools committed to changing the world” ranking.

This initial ranking of French Business Schools most committed to environmental and social change produced by Les Echos START in partnership with Change NOW highlights the efforts made by schools and universities in this domain. 

The long-term objective of this ranking is twofold: to give students a clearer picture when choosing their course, for in a world constantly suffering environmental crises, they now seek solid training in environmental issues and changes; to support institutions in incorporating the challenges of environmental and social change into courses, encouraging them to improve year on year.

269 institutions approached, 49 applications accepted, 30 ranked  

More than 269 higher education establishments were asked to participate in this ranking. 49 applications were deemed eligible, out of which a list of the top 15 business schools and top 15 engineering schools was produced. The questionnaire consisted of 41 questions based on 6 areas: 

  • The focus on environmental and social impact in the syllabus, 
  • The Alumni network and access to jobs related to environmental and social impact, 
  • Strategy and publicizing objectives, 
  • Diversity and equal opportunities, 
  • The role of student associations, 
  • Academic excellence and employability.

All applications were audited and verified by Deloitte Sustainability France.

School for life, School for good

Ranked first in two areas - the Alumni network and access to jobs related to environmental and social impact, and strategy and publicizing of objectives- EM Normandie reaffirmed its intention to take its approach further, echoing what it said in August 2021 when it presented its strategic direction for 2030. 
In line with its “School for life, School for good” philosophy, the school wants to prepare the generations to act and make a positive contribution to tomorrow’s world and play an active role in this sustainable world.

The ranking also takes into account the impact on social networks and social and environmental change in discussions online about Grandes écoles. Ipsos’ Social Intelligence & Analytics department therefore scrutinized posts on social networks and forums on environmental issues and respect for diversity and inclusion over the past 12 months.

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