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06 September 2022

Career Workshops 2022 at EM Normandie

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The Alumni Association organises, in collaboration with the Career Path (Parcours Carrière), the Career Workshops on Thursday 13 January 2022 from 11am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 3.30pm. This meeting is compulsory for all third-year students of the Master in Management programme.

What are the Career Workshops? 

This is THE event of the year that brings together students and graduates of EM Normandie to talk about their professional experience.

The latter come to present their career path, the daily life of their profession and life in a company. The students have the opportunity to ask them questions about their jobs and thus get a better vision of the reality of the field.

What is the purpose of this experience sharing?

This scheme, among many others offered within the Career Path, helps students to define their professional project and in particular their future choice of specialisations. In the final year of their course, they will have to choose their field of expertise.

During this event, students choose the categories of jobs that interest them and for which they wish to meet graduates: Audit, Sales, Marketing, Communication, Logistics / Supply Chain / Purchasing, Information Systems, Finance, Entrepreneurship.

The EM Normandie Alumni Association is associated with this event by mobilising a maximum number of graduates to come and present their career paths, professions, sectors of activity and answer the students' questions.

Career workshops are great opportunities to discover the realities and missions of certain sectors. And who better to talk about it than professionals?

Marek Castagné
Student of the 2022 Class

How does this event work?  

The programme for the participants of the morning session : 

  • 11:00 am: welcome in plenary by Marielle LASSARAT (Career Path Manager) and Julia BOULET (Alumni Marketing and Communication Officer)
  • 11:10 am: dispatch in the different virtual rooms by profession.
  • 12:30: end of the webinar.

An English session will be available in the morning on the following professions: Finance and Banking, Marketing and Communication, Sales and business development.

Zoom link:

For the afternoon participants, the programme will remain the same:

  • 14:00: welcome in plenary. 
  • 14:10: Dispatch to the different virtual rooms by business line. 
  • 15:30: end of the webinar. 

Zoom link:

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