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13 January 2021

EM Normandie and EPITA launch the MSc Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Strategy

Initial Education

In March 2021, EM Normandie Business School and EPITA School of Engineering and Computer Science will launch a new MSc Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Strategy accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. 

The two schools have pooled their resources and skills to develop a programme which offers students a global vision of Artificial Intelligence and its challenges when applied to the marketing sector.

The MSc Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Strategy provides students with expert skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to marketing, which is critical to a company’s performance and decision-making process. Students develop solid mathematics and programming knowledge as a basis on which to solve complex problems using AI tools and technologies.

Training which is both academic and professional 

The course is led by Agnis Stibe, Professor in Transformation at EM Normandie and Rabih Haddad, Director of International Programmes at EPITA. Training is delivered in English by permanent professors from both institutions and professional external speakers. The MSc is inclusive for students from all academic backgrounds, covering the basics of data science and marketing and gradually building on these skills over semesters 1 and 2.

These two semesters comprise 600 hours of classes delivered in Paris on technical knowledge of data science, including understanding algorithms, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, the fundamentals of marketing and digital marketing. In addition to this there are modules on management and acquiring Soft Skills, as well as a Learning Expedition to EM Normandie’s campus in Dublin (home of the tech giants).

Semester 3 comprises 300 hours of lessons combining academic teaching and practical exposure, a complete review of all Artificial Intelligence systems and how these systems are applied to different areas of life.
The programme ends with a 6-month internship with a company. During the internship students are able to put the skills they have gained to practical use in an industrial or research project, from the analysis phase to the design of the solution.

Marketing has been revolutionized over recent years. In the past it covered products and services. Now, the focus is on consumers and their needs and expectations. Artificial Intelligence enables processing of large volumes of information, thereby helping to provide personalised solutions and optimising business performance. 
Students must learn to master the latest technologies in order to transform how they do business and create value. By joining forces with EPITA for this programme, EM Normandie has shown that it is committed to supporting change and developing business practices. The MSc will allow students to stand out in the field of Artificial Intelligence used to define marketing strategies
” explains Elian Pilvin, Dean of EM Normandie.

What jobs will the MSc Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Strategy lead to?

The training provides access to all marketing professions with a strong link to the data analysis revolution, including strategic marketing, CRM, strategic planner, customer intelligence manager or business intelligence. There are also data analysis professions such as data scientist, data visualization consultant, business data analyst and credit analyst. Graduates will be able to work in any type of business, from startups to multinationals, and in any business sector. 

Useful information

The course is open to holders of a minimum 4-year post-Baccalaureate qualification, or international equivalent qualification.  Required level of English: TOEIC 800 or equivalent.
The courses will be taught on EM Normandie’s campuses and the EPITA campus in Paris. 
The fees are €19,400, which includes a one week Learning Expedition in Dublin.  
Admission is based on application and motivation interview.

Register online at the School website