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03 March 2021

EM Normandie Business School’s Bachelor's in International Management keeps its Parisien Etudiant top 10 ranking for 2021


EM Normandie’s Bachelor’s in International Management retained its top-10 spot at number 9 in Parisien Etudiant’s 2021 Best Three-year Bachelor’s Rankings, published on Tuesday 2 March.

This year’s Awards assessed 55 three-year programmes based on 13 criteria, including certification labels, development, appeal, the selection process, teaching, teaching staff, international links, professional skills development, business network, further studies, integration, entrepreneurship and the learning programme.

EM Normandie’s Bachelor's in International Management ranked highly on the quality of its teaching staff, on its international links and high-quality foreign placements and its portfolio of partner universities, its corporate links (quality of the network and the internships and work-study contracts on offer), and its learning programmes.

Extended Studies


Le Parisien Etudiant's report takes stock of the effects of the health crisis on Bachelor’s graduates, many of whom are delaying their entry into the jobs market by studying for a Master’s. Capucine Lenormand, a graduate of EM Normandie’s Bachelor’s in International Management followed by the Master’s in Management, describes how continuing her studies has benefited her by providing "more experience, more confidence and a far better level of English". She now works in Human Resources for a pharmaceutical company in Budapest, Hungary.


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