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24 November 2022

EM Normandie joins CLADEA, one of the largest business school networks in the world


EM Normandie has boosted its position in Latin America by joining the prestigious CLADEA South American network (Latin American Council of Management Schools). This international organization brings together 256 higher education institutions and organizations from Europe, America, Africa and Oceania. The network has been active for more than 50 years, and is committed to management teaching and research. It forms one of the largest business school networks in the world.

A network of opportunities

By joining CLADEA, EM Normandie is pursuing its coverage of new regions while forging new links with Latin America, where it had already established partnerships with some 30 universities. This year, more than 80 students from the Normandy Business School have opted to study in the region, while EM Normandie’s campuses are hosting nearly 40 Latin American students.
As CLADEA encourages innovative partnerships between international universities, its member institutions collaborate to develop management research, primarily through COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning). This innovative educational method connects students from international institutions, and enables them to work on shared virtual projects without leaving their classrooms. 

A recent yet long-term admission

At its 57th Congress in Guayaquil, Ecuador on 26 October, the General Assembly of CLADEA's Admissions Board approved EM Normandie's application to join its network of contacts. As a lifetime member of the council, the School will now have access to the many benefits offered by the network. They include developing new collaborative projects and global partnerships with CLADEA and the network’s member schools, and participating in COIL or research initiatives with other institutions. 

We are delighted and proud that EM Normandie’s strong international position and reputation has enabled us to join this prestigious network. Boosting our development in Latin America and discovering new teaching methods will provide our students with a unique experience, and help us to deliver a transformation of the School's model by 2030

explains Hendrik Lohse, Dean of Development at EM Normandie

Hendrik Lohse

Hendrik LOHSE

Dean of Development