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26 January 2022

EM Normandie is launching a BBA (Bachelor’s in Business Administration), a 4-year post-baccalaureate programme in English that will be international and spread across multiple campuses

Initial Education

The French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI) has authorised EM Normandie to issue a Bac+4-level qualification and the degree of bachelor for this programme, beginning on 1 September 2022.

The BBA is available to holders of a French baccalaureate qualification via the Parcoursup platform and to international students who hold a foreign degree of an equivalent level.

The degree is generalist and international and designed to let students develop their professional skills

The Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA), taught entirely in English, is available to holders of the French baccalaureate or an international equivalent and combines excellent academic tuition, a significant international element and preparation for a career, with a curriculum taught on 3 EM Normandie campuses, 2 of which are outside France, and a range of professional experiences (seminars, business games, internships, etc.). It aims to train young managers who are operational and perfectly prepared to progress in an international, multicultural environment.

The first and second years of the degree will take place on the new Paris campus in Clichy-La-Garenne (Hauts-de-Seine), of which EM Normandie has just taken possession. This new, idyllic 14,000 m² setting offers optimum living and studying conditions for students on the doorstep of the French capital. The 1st year is devoted to learning the basics of management and languages (9 languages to choose from), with intensive language seminars at the start of every term. The year ends with an introductory seminar to immersive educational research and an internship at a company, whether in France or abroad.

During their 2nd year, students will learn more about management. As part of the Entreprendre seminar, they will tackle a business issue, and will hone their research skills by participating in a second dedicated seminar, entitled ‘Critical Thinking’.

The 3rd year , on the Oxford campus, is a pre-specialisation year that will open the doors to a number of careers in the digital technologies, logistics and sustainable development sectors and even in finance. A second Entreprendre seminar will let students face the reality of working in the field, and the third research seminar will open the door for them to consolidate their analytical abilities.

Finally, the 4th year is aimed at perfecting students’ international management skills, with one term on the new Dubai campus, which is set to open in September 2022. During the second term, EM Normandie will provide a new learning experience in the form of online seminars and coaching, in collaboration with external partners, to
ensure that students improve their skills. The year will end with a 3- to 6-month internship in a company in France or abroad.

A wide range of career prospects

The generalist BBA opens the doors to a wide assortment of careers in management, sales and marketing (international product manager, merchandising manager, international marketing manager, export sales director, logistics manager, financial analyst, profit centre manager, etc.). The programme’s multicultural focus, which encourages students to develop their international mindset, prepares them for a future career in an international environment. Finally, the Bachelor’s in Business Administration acts as a gateway to the MS® and MSc degrees at EM Normandie, which are intensive 12- to 18-month programmes combining academic excellence and the development of heightened professional skills in order to acquire cutting-edge expertise or obtain a double or even triple skill.

Enhancing the student experience

Taking a BBA also means joining the EM Normandie community, including its numerous student associations, and being entitled to use the Career Path, an exclusive support scheme run by a dedicated internal team, certified coaches and recruitment professionals. Thanks to this, students will learn to get to know themselves better, prepare their personal and professional plans for the future by finding the right combination of values, passions, skills and future professions, then refine these plans by ensuring their academic, international, professional and associative experiences are meaningful. Finally, they will cultivate hard skills and soft skills that add great value in order to stand out in the eyes of recruiters. This scheme serves all students, from the moment they join the School, throughout their course and after graduation, thanks to the input of the Alumni network.

For secondary school students with a multicultural side and a flair for languages, the BBA is a rare opportunity to acquire international management skills from day one, on the Paris campus, and to develop them further on our campuses in Oxford and Dubai,

explained Pascal Krupka, Programme Director at EM Normandie.

Conditions for admission and cost of the degree

French candidates holding a baccalaureate

Register on the Parcoursup platform
Application dossier (academic results and cover letter)
Level of English: IELTS 5, TOEIC 750 or TOEFL 72, or online test
Interview in English for eligible candidates
Application fees: €50 (free of charge for scholarship students)
Number of places available: 25

International candidates

Application dossier (academic results and cover letter)
Level of English: IELTS 5, TOEIC 750 or TOEFL 72, or online test
Interview in English for eligible candidates
Application fees: €50
Number of places available: 25

Tuition fees

10,000 euros per year