L'école dans les classements

03 March 2022

EM Normandie’s Bachelor’s in International Management joins the top 5 in L’Etudiant’s 2022 Bachelor’s degree rankings


The L’Etudiant’s 2022 league tables for Grandes Écoles business schools were released on Thursday 3rd March 2022. EM Normandie's Bachelor’s in International Management is up one place to the top 5, tied with Toulouse Business School.

This year's ranking of 44 Bachelors’ degrees is based on an analysis of 14 criteria grouped into six themes: academic excellence (international accreditations, research output, quality of teaching staff), the school's international influence (accredited university partners, share of foreign placement students and multicultural exposure), links with companies (share of students on work-study programmes, companies attending events), graduate employment (salaries of young graduates and graduate employment rate), inclusion (rate of grant holders and amount of tuition fees) and background of new students (average at baccalaureate of new students).

L’Etudiant’s 2022 business Bachelor’s degree rankings



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