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18 May 2021

EM Normandie’s Master’s in Management claims top-3 spot in Le Parisien Etudiant’s 2021 ranking


This year, Le Parisien Etudiant has broken with tradition by replacing its general Grand Ecole (business school) ranking by two new rankings: a top 10 of post-preparatory class schools, and a top 14 of five-year post-Baccalaureate schools.

It has ranked EM Normandie third in its post-Baccalaureate schools. These new rankings, published on Tuesday 18 May 2021, assess 14 criteria which include: certification labels, power, development, social mobility, infrastructure, teaching staff, research, teaching, international network, professional skills development, salary, entrepreneurship, digital teaching and teaching innovation. 

A choice based on various criteria

Alongside the two general rankings, Le Parisien Etudiant has opted to create ten thematic rankings to demonstrate each institution’s attributes. This provides candidates with extra information to help them choose the right school. EM Normandie features in three of the categories:

  • International appeal (8th position), measured based on the number of foreign students enrolled on the programme,
  • Infrastructure (9th position), based on the development of both French and international campuses,
  • Learning and work-study programmes (10th position) based on development actions and student appeal in this area.

A boost for work-study programmes

In this article, EM Normandie’s Director of Branding and the EM Normandie Experience, Mathilde Brossier, talks about the “seamless” rollout of this year’s work-study programme, which has now attracted “more than one thousand students”. In answer to the potential incompatibility of work-study programmes and international experience, she explains that “30% of our work-study students work on missions with a highly international emphasis”. From September 2021, the School’s Paris campus will strengthen this link by offering a course which combines a work-study programme with lessons taught in English only. As Mathilde explains “This course will meet the high expectations of our students, particularly those who use English all day at work”. 

New EM Normandie locations

In the “School News” article, Dean of EM Normandie Elian Pilvin explains that “the School has an international reach”, and that he plans “to open three new campuses in Asia, America and the Middle East by 2023-2024”. “The first of these campuses will open in September 2022”. He adds that overall, the health crisis “has accelerated the School’s development”.

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