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10 December 2019

EQUIS Accreditation renewed for EM Normandie


EM Normandie has been awarded its first renewal of the International EQUIS Accreditation for another 3 years. Following the renewal of its AACSB Accreditation, this latest success bears evidence of the School’s potential for growth in a context of excellence and ranks it among the best business schools in the world. Indeed, less than 200 Universities and Business Schools are EQUIS Accredited and only 5% of them hold the double EQUIS/AACSB accreditation. The School’s international orientation, its development strategy, its potential for innovation as well as its strong internal cohesion were recognised. These are as many assets to pursue its expansion and stand out in a more and more competitive environment. 

As EM Normandie Director General Jean-Guy Bernard commented: “The EQUIS Accreditation is a genuine factor for attractiveness when recruiting Lecturers-Researchers and international students, signing partnerships with universities that are also accredited, the development of international research and the professional insertion of our students. This renewal supports the EM Normandie strategy at a crucial time in its history: in February 2020, Elian Pilvin will officially take up his position as Director General of the School. He will be able to build upon strong foundations to continue the School’s expansion, innovate and assert our institution’s unique profile in a changing and competitive environment.” 

Innovation, Business Organisations, International Orientation and team spirit: a virtuous circle

EM Normandie’s strong international orientation, its ability to innovate through the development of EdTech pedagogies, the variety of its programmes and the multiple admission options were pointed out in the Peer Review Report. Strong links with companies, which are engaged in research activities, student recruitment (Internships, Junior Consulting Projects, Cooperative Tracks, Employment), the design of programmes and the School’s overall strategy are also prime assets that contributed to the efficiency of the model and the employability of learners. Finally, the auditors also pointed out the ‘cooperative and caring corporate culture’ that prevails at EM Normandie, the strong cohesion within the Faculty and the administration teams, the student community and the alumni. 

A Business School with continuous improvement dynamics 

An Intense and Ambitious Research Culture 

Since 2016, when the first EQUIS Accreditation was awarded, EM Normandie has considerably increased its research activities, in particular in partnership with the Normandy Poles of Excellence to serve its development and its territory.  The production of articles for publication in Academic Journals of excellence has increased and three Sponsored Chairs have been created: “Entrepreneurial Models for Agriculture”, “Digital Transformation”, and “Competencies, Employability and HR Decision making.” 

Strengthening and Structuring the Faculty 

In 2017, EM Normandie carried out a Faculty reform in order to meet international standards more adequately and support its growth. The Faculty, nowadays organised as 7 Departments, comprises 82 Full-time Professors. By 2021, this number should reach 100 members. 

Victoire Toulemonde


International Accreditation Manager