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22 February 2021

INMA and EM Normandie join forces to train the top managers of the future the French way

Initial Education

Students on the new MSc Marketing and Digital in Luxury and Lifestyle programme at EM Normandie, have been lucky enough to share in the unique and invaluable expertise of the INMA in the craft and living heritage sector. They are taught in the economic and professional challenges in this industry by its most iconic players.

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Since it was established in 1889, the INMA, Institut National des Métiers d'Art has supported those who make a living in crafts and living heritage throughout the country and who are at a crossroads with various high-quality skill sets. Its aim is to showcase and inform them, to promote young talent and to encourage these professions by passing on knowledge and skills.

EM Normandie has offered the MSc Marketing and Digital in Luxury and Lifestyle since September 2020 on its Paris campus. Students, who are mainly international, learn to master all aspects of marketing and digital marketing in the luxury sector. In order to meet the expectations of recruiters, the year-long course "French touch and expertise" in this MS degree offers masterclasses with the generous support of French luxury businesses, namely those with roots in Normandy. By being immersed in luxury and the codes, standards and characteristics that make this market so special, students become sought-after experts in the sector and take on the true values of luxury, which include excellence, rarity and durability.

EM Normandie and INMA have decided to join forces, with their complementary objectives and skills, offering future decision-makers a unique partnership:

  • Sponsorship of the programme’s 2020 intake by Luc Lesénécal, Chairman of the INMA,
  • The expertise and contributions of professionals in the craft and living heritage sectors, icons of French excellence within the INMA, as part of the “French Touch and expertise” course,
  • Linking up pairs of students to carry out projects on the digital strategies of French luxury businesses, particularly those rooted in Normandy,
  • Co-hosting masterclasses to present the French crafts and living heritage sectors, French excellence and professional and career challenges that companies in the industry can represent.

For example, this year, the MSc Marketing and Digital in Luxury and Lifestyle programme includes:

  • An introduction to the concept of living heritage, by the Institut National des Métiers d’Art,
  • The history of the luxury market with the Comité Colbert,
  • The art of decoration with Maisons Berger and Christofle and designer Séverina Lartigue,
  • The art of sales with luxury brand Louis Vuitton,
  • The art of perfumery with luxury brand Guerlain,
  • Jobs in textiles represented by Saint James knitwear,
  • The art of shoes with master shoemaker Weston,
  • The spirits sector with Calvados Christian Drouin and Champagne Drappier,
  • The goldsmith trade with Monnaie de Paris;
  • The professional jeweller with Boucheron and Mellerio dit Mellers jewellery houses.

By the end of this course, students will have received full training in the concept of French excellence, and will understand the recovery, creation and collaboration within these craft, heritage and innovative economic sectors, which are sometimes overlooked.

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