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10 July 2019

Laurence Boiteux joins EM Normandie as Director of International Development

School's life

Laurence Boiteux joins EM Normandie as Director of International Development. Her main missions will be to manage and extend the portfolio of accredited international partner universities, to develop and lead student outward and inward mobility and to take part in the internationalisation of the school’s degree programmes. She will be managing a team of 11 international office staff.

"I’m looking forward to taking up this new challenge! EM Normandie’s growing attractiveness, its family culture, its pronounced international strategy and its multi-campus structure are as many assets I intend to capitalise on to pursue our international development policy," Laurence Boiteux explains.

International and Higher Education Experience: the two dominant features in her professional career

After graduating from the University of Portsmouth (UK) with a Master’s in Management, Laurence Boiteux started her career with IBM before joining Kedge Business School in Bordeaux in 1993 as an International Media Intelligence Librarian. She then moved on to various positions within the International Office (Coordinator, Head of International Student Mobility) before being appointed as the Head of International Student Office in 2013.

Her passion for International affairs and foreign languages, her 25-year experience in Higher Education, her command of process and multi-campus management are her main assets in supporting the international development of EM Normandie.

Laurence Boiteux

Laurence BOITEUX

Director of International Affairs