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12 July 2021

Le Havre in the Top 10 coastal towns to live in

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The city of Le Havre has made it into the Top 10 by taking 8th place in GEO magazine's ranking of the best coastal cities to live in France, which was published at the beginning of July.

More than 1,000 towns in the metropolitan area were scrutinised and 183 criteria were taken into account, including: quality of life, safety, transport accessibility, shops and services, health, education, sports and leisure, and solidarity between citizens.


An ideal living environment to study and enjoy your student life

Do you dream of studying on the waterfront, in a dynamic and resolutely modern setting? The city of Le Havre offers you the perfect environment and infrastructure to flourish during your studies.

The leading French port for container traffic, Le Havre is also a seaside resort that offers you more than two kilometres of beaches in the immediate vicinity of its city centre and served by the tramway. It is also a true kingdom of yachting where internationally renowned nautical events take place throughout the year.

The largest city in Normandy with nearly 200,000 inhabitants, Le Havre or "LH" for those who are used to it, combines modernity and heritage. Its city centre, rebuilt by Auguste Perret after the Second World War, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005.

A dynamic student city, it is also a city of art and history and offers many cultural and sporting activities.

The city is also the birthplace of EM Normandie, which established the ESC Le Havre in 1871, one of the very first French business schools. Ideally placed to study international trade and logistics, its proximity to the docks and the general shops already allowed the observation of the functioning of a large port and its flow of goods from all over the world.

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A new generation campus open in 2020

With its brand new building of more than 14,000 m², open and futuristic, it offers you numerous training spaces: the traditional classrooms are transformed into "full digital" learning spaces and become modular to encourage social interconnection, creativity and innovation.

Located in the heart of the Le Havre-Normandie campus and shared with the Cité Numérique, a third place and innovation platform for the digital transition of the Le Havre ecosystem, the Le Havre campus combines futurism and user-friendliness, with its resolutely modern architecture and its numerous infrastructures:

  • A 700 m² Learning Center: media library, work and relaxation areas.
  • A Social Room: the Hackarium.
  • An association forum of more than 500 m²: the EM Square.
  • Two sports halls.
  • A cafeteria.
  • Two outdoor terraces.

Achieve your goals in internationally-oriented courses and rub shoulders with +1000 international students from all over the world.

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