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10 March 2020

Parisien Etudiant 2020 Ranking of Best Bachelors: EM Normandie's Bachelor's in the Top 10


On 10 March 2020, Le Parisien Etudiant released its ranking of the best Bachelor's programmes: EM Normandie’s Bachelor International Management now ranks 9th

Among the 50 programmes listed this year, EM Normandie’s Bachelor International Management appears among the Top 10, "capitalising on its reputation and academic thoroughness".  
This new ranking is based on 13 criteria: Accreditations, Developments, Attractiveness, Selectivity, Pedagogy, Faculty, International Orientation, Job Insertion, Corporate Links, etc.

What to do after a Bachelor’s Degree?

This Parisien Etudiant issue features an article on the possible options after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree: pursuing further studies or joining a business organisation. Thomas Hébert, an EM Normandie Bachelor's graduate, gives details on the opportunities offered by the School during his study path: "I was able to study abroad for a year in Romania and to widen my vision of the world and boost my English proficiency". Today, Thomas is Head of a Fitness Department for Decathlon, "an exciting position, with splendid responsibilities for a young graduate"

Bachelor Degrees on their way towards the ‘Grade de Licence

Always very much in favour among Bachelors seeking a concrete training programme, Bachelor Degrees will be able to claim, as a result of the 25 February 2020 Decree on Degree Requirements, the very same recognition as the French University 3-year Degree: the ‘Grade de licence’, a genuine Quality Assurance for students and their families. EM Normandie will submit its application as soon as the French Commission d’Evaluation des Formations et des Diplômes de Gestion (CEFDG) will notify the opening of the scheme.  



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