L'école dans les classements

17 December 2021

Ranking of Challenges 2022 business schools: + 2 places for EM Normandie


EM Normandie on the 2nd step of the podium of post-baccalaureate business schools in 5 years in the Challenges 2022 ranking.

The 2022 edition of the Challenges business school ranking was published on Thursday, 16 December 2021. The EM Normandie Grande Ecole Programme joins the top 3 post-baccalaureate business schools in 5 years delivering the degree of Master, in 2nd place, just behind IESEG.

The achievement of this ranking is based on the analysis of 6 criteria: duration of the Master's degree, international accreditations, the number of permanent professors, the proportion of graduates admitted with good or very good mention, the starting salary of graduates and the school budget.



Press Rankings Executive