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17 December 2021

Ranking of Challenges 2022 business schools: + 4 places for EM Normandie


EM Normandie joins the top 15 post-preparatory business schools awarding the degree of Master in the Challenges 2022 ranking.

The 2022 edition of the Challenges business school ranking was published on Thursday, 16 December 2021. The Grande Ecole Programme of EM Normandie shows a good progression of 4 places and joins the top 15 post-preparatory business schools issuing the degree of Master.

The achievement of this ranking is based on the analysis of 17 criteria grouped into 3 themes: power (school budget, international accreditations, selectivity, student supervision, etc.), the international influence of the school (share of teacher-researchers of foreign nationality, performance of the school in international rankings, etc.) and diversity (share of scholarship students, work-study students, qualified admissions, female teacher-researchers, etc.).

Campuses, vectors of power

The file devotes an article to the new school campuses and those in Le Havre and Paris of EM Normandie are widely highlighted. In Paris, “Jean-Michel Wilmotte is fitting out the new 14,000 square metre building of EM Normandie in Clichy”. And to meet and anticipate the needs of students and employees, the provision of flexible spaces has been designed on the site as indicated by Lotfi Karoui, director of the Paris campus.

On the school campuses, the “practice rooms” and innovative teaching practices are presented as production management training tools: “on 5 campuses, we are going to train 600 students […] thanks to our new Escape Game Zombie Attack,” explains Olivier Lamirault, Innovation and Edtech Director of EM Normandie.

The issues linked to climate change have also been included in the design of these new campuses and the schools want to find their place in the cities. "In Clichy, which has no higher education establishment, we are arriving with 3,000 students”, emphasises Elian Pilvin, Managing Director of EM Normandie.

Work-study, a model of integration

Work-study training is on the rise, a trend confirmed by the integration survey of the CGE, which counts a quarter of business school students opting for this course. At EM Normandie, Julia Quenet, responsible for internships and work-study programmes, indicates that,"over the two years of the Master of our Grande Ecole Program, work-study is chosen by two thirds of the students”. Pauline Huard, who graduated from the school in 2020, now logistics coordinator at HappyVore, testifies on her one-year work-study programme at Ubisoft which allowed her to "earn a living and be independent” and then sign a CDI in the wake, despite the health crisis. Discover the 2022 ranking of Challenges business schools (reserved for subscribers).




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