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04 May 2021

September 2021: the new features of the EM Normandie Master’s in Management (Grande Ecole Programme)

Initial Education

Old School, Young Mind.

At 150 years old, EM Normandie is still constantly developing its pedagogy to enhance students’ behavioural skills and aptitudes and meet business needs.

From the beginning of the academic year in September 2021, new tailored courses will be offered as part of the Master’s in Management, making graduates even more attractive to employers. Students will benefit from around 200 hours of “Information and Technology Management” lessons, have the option of doing their whole course in English from first-year on the Paris campus (in addition to Caen and Oxford where this is already possible), and will have a wider choice of electives. At Master’s level, they will be able to study for six months to two years on the Dublin campus or take the new work-study programme option in English in Paris. There will be more international destinations to choose from when planning to study abroad at partner universities, and students may opt for one of the two new M2 year specialisms or study for a Master’s in Management/MSc double degree.

New features of the Undergraduate programme

All students will be required to take the “Information and Technology Management” Track - a digital and technology module- amounting to approximately 200 hours, for the first three years of the course and in year M1. A combination of theory and practice, the module aims to develop students’ agility and drive to gain qualifications in ICT, digital and business fields, and to facilitate their transition into the business world with the skills and knowledge gained. The lessons draw on Hard and Soft skills, providing students with the tools required to interact easily with other professional profiles (engineers, technicians, etc.) in the companies they join in the future.

A wider choice of electives

  • In first-year (U1), undergraduates will be able to choose from approximately 20 electives such as Astronomy/ Business and the Community and Charity sector/ History/ History of Religion/ Sport Business Management /Management and Art/ Psychology/ Managerial Communication and Critical Thinking/ New Trends in Marketing.
  • In second-year (U2), they will have a choice of around 10, including E-Commerce, Mobile Commerce and Environment/ Sensory Marketing Application/ Food Sector Strategies/ Working in Multicultural Teams.
  • In third-year (U3), they will have a choice of around 10, including Understanding Climate Change/ Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0/ Entertainment Marketing/ Globalisation, regional authorities and innovation.

New features of the Master’s programme

EM Normandie is extending the possibilities even further for students, who will now have access to 20 specialisations in year M2 including 11 options for work-study programmes in Caen, Le Havre and Paris and/or 11 taught in English.
Delivered on the Dublin campus, the new M2 Digital Sales module aims to train sales and digital leaders in implementing digital strategies to collaborate with and connect B2B and B2C buyers. They will learn how to transform online connections into offline sales conversations and develop all the key skills required in sales and marketing roles. Young graduates will be able to progress towards positions such as Sales Manager/Leader, Demand Generation Manager, Customer Marketing Manager, Lead Manager, Inbound Sales Manager and Social Selling Manager.

Taught in Paris in semester 1 and Dublin in semester 2, the new M2 year specialism, delivered in English, Strategy, Transformation and Responsible Management, will train leaders so that they have the strategic, managerial and behavioural skills needed to lead strategic transformation and coordinate environmental and digital transitions, and develop a specific understanding of consultancy.

More opportunities to study in English

Post-baccalaureate students joining the School will have the option to take first-year in English on the Paris campus (up to now, this has only been possible on the Caen and Oxford campuses). Second-year students will be able to study in English in Dublin and three other campuses. In third-year, learners may spend the whole year on the Dublin campus.
Those on a work-study programme (years M1 and M2) will have the opportunity to do their entire course in English on the Paris campus, adding an international flavour to working and studying!

Depending on the direction they take with their course, students will be able to study in English from start to finish, irrespective of the campus(es) they attend.

Building on their EM Normandie general Master’s in Management qualification (QS and Financial Times Top 90), students can enhance their CV with the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles-accredited MSc specialist qualification, which provides additional expert knowledge. The Master’s in Management/MSc double degree is aimed at students who wish to add a specialism to their general learning and stand out in international circles.

Finally, ten EQUIS and/or AACSB-accredited universities have joined our list of academic partners that can host EM Normandie students wishing to study part of their course abroad, including MC Master University in Canada, Rabat Business School in Morocco, Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland, Southern Utah University in the USA and Ichec Brussels Management School in Belgium.