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wilfried yver
Wilfried Yver

Director of Digital Strategy at Orange

I have always wanted to do an international course since my years at EM Normandie. I completed a dual degree in the United States with an MBA at the University of New Mexico to facilitate an international career, with a specialisation in international business.

What does the position of Money Chief Officer involve?

The title is a bit special, it's "Chief Digital Data Orange Money & Innovation Officer" within Orange Jordan, it's a position that is part of the management committee of Orange Jordan. It is special because it brings together quite diverse activities.

Digital and data management are activities that it are quite logical to group together. This involves managing all the digital and data activities as well as the entire digital transformation of Orange Jordan. The more atypical part of my job is the management of the activity around Orange Money which is our online digital financial service. It also includes an innovation and business development part.

What course did you follow?

During my studies, I did a dual degree in international business, with a specialisation in international business from EM Normandie and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of New Mexico. I chose a major in finance and strategy.

It was really the fact that I went to the United States in 1995-1996 to do the MBA that allowed me to discover the Internet a little earlier than most Europeans. This training also led me to reorient myself. I finally chose to go into telecoms rather than consumer products as I had envisaged.

Why did you choose the telecom field?

I got into telecoms through the Internet because that's what I knew best. Then, gradually, my passion broadened to the whole of the telecoms business, which is also known as the new information and communication technologies (ICT).

I like the telecoms field so much that I have been working in it for over twenty years.

What courses of study allow you to work in digital?

I think that today digital is largely open to Business Schools graduates.

There are more and more courses that combine business schools and engineering schools.

It's a good way of opening up to these professions.

What are the opportunities for these courses?

Digital is a world that currently includes many different professions. Beyond the appeal of digital, you have to be able to identify the fields that attract you the most.

For example, do you feel more like a "data analyst" or a "data scientist"? Are you more interested in the technological aspect or the creative approach to digital marketing?

There is a whole range of jobs in the digital field. It's important to know what these jobs are and whether they resonate with your deepest professional aspirations.

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