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Anne Kocher
Anne Kocher

Regional product manager - Renault

What did you do at EM Normandie?

I followed a 5-year programme after the baccalauréat. I chose the Cross Cultural Marketing and Negotiation specialisation, which is now the M2 International Marketing and Business Development.

After leaving EM Normandie, I did a VIE in Germany for two years with PSA.

After this VIE, I followed my husband to Dubai where I met Marianne, an alumni of the school.

Marianne put me in touch with Mina, the human resources manager at Renault, who interviewed me. So I was recruited as Regional Product Manager at Renault.

What does your job as Product Manager involve?

My job is to bring Renault vehicles from Paris and launch them internationally. 

I'm in charge of three regions of the world: Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific.

To market our cars in these regions, we have to be able to develop the product and adapt it to the specific characteristics of the market, to meet local demand. 

What contribution has the School made to your career?

The School gave me an international outlook. I've had the opportunity to hold various positions abroad. 

It was EM Normandie that gave me the desire to work internationally.

This openness led me to work first in Germany and then in Dubai.

What was your favourite part of your studies?

There was one course that particularly stood out for me, Linda's course. It was a negotiation course. We had to confront other international students who didn't always have the same culture. 

She really taught us how to communicate and negotiate together constructively, taking into account our cultural differences. 

There were also two events that really marked me at the School. The first was my year at Oxford, which was the first time I'd lived abroad.

I found it very formative to be immersed in another culture for a long period of time.

The other highlight was more personal. It was my exchange year in Beijing in my second year. It was during this stay that I met my husband.

What advice would you give to students at the School?

If you want to go abroad, I'd advise you to choose a destination that's outside your comfort zone. If you want to go to Africa or Asia but you're worried about the distance, don't know the culture or the language, go for it, don't hesitate!

You don't get many opportunities in life to go abroad. Make the most of them while you're still a student and choose far-flung destinations.

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